Armageddon Shuttle on eBay!!!


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no doubt the first time the buyer balked 'cause of the undoubtedly proxy or fake bidding that was going on...Its most likely the same model, albeit, THIS time, looks like a zero bidder won it... heh

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it IS the SAME model.

Last time, the high bidder also had zero feedback, at that time.
He then got a positive feedback for buying the shuttle.


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Nope, I doubt that Disney would bother having someone bid on their stuff. Disney does not need the money they make in the auction:
In 2002, I had been talking to Disney directly about buying something from them. We agreed on a price, and then it took them 10 MONTHS to tell me they could not sell it outside of ebay.
So they put it up on ebay for 33% less than we had agreed on. I bid and won it for the opening bid. They could have easily bid me up since they KNEW I was willing to pay at least 50% more of their opening bid (the price we had agreed on). They did not. (they could actually have made twice of what they put it up for! :) )

I think Disney screwed up when they gave that guy a positive feedback. He also bougth several other props that went up for auction again. He also got feedback for those. BUT he had bought some stuff from Disney BEFORE those auctions, which he NEVER got feedback for.


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I see that the high bidder (!@#$%& noob) got NARU'd for the most recent auction. Wonder if Disney putting it up again for auction, or going to the next highest bidder.

I hope they wise up and do some kind of auction bidder verfication in the future. Too many noob's out there playing around and artificially driving up the prices.

I'm #3 in line if it counts.
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