Arkham Origins Bat suit Pep File


I'm looking for someone who might know if there's a pep file (foam or paper) out yet for this suit or if someone can make one. I don't see why their shouldn't be by now but I can't seem to find one. If someone could please enlighten me on the matter I'd be grateful. I would really like to build this batman suit with some cool ideas I have.


Someone has told me the pep for it has already been done but I have yet to see it. When I find out I will let everyone know where it is.


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I've been looking for these files as well but still haven't been able to find them. There is a member over on BOTB that is working on them and is going to put them up as soon as he finishes. Hopefully someone here will know where to find them as well though.


So I too saw the guy on botb and am waiting to see what happens there. Until then I will continue searching.


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I'm not sure where the original source files went for these, they were on the site before (I built from them). Anyways, here is the upper half of the suit (without the cowl). I'll try to get the cowl and lower up in the next few days.

Default scale on these files is saved at 40, but that can be disregarded. A scale of 50 would be for a 6' tall person. THESE NEED TO BE UNFOLDED CORRECTLY FOR FOAM OR PAPER.
I split the files into upper torso, shoulder bells, biceps, forearms, and forearm details (spikes and pods).,t6j2y1c7afkbqp2,f60g4v3eyb7g4d9,pb5fuaainn5hpnd,z5ut9zi8vlrh5lz/shared


I'm going to take the bat symbol from the old batsuit and put it on the new AO Armor pep.


Might use the arkham cowl I made from foam with the Dark Knight neck peice.
That cowl looks fantastic! The lines on the face are perfect to the origins mask. That isn't based off the the pep file that floating around by Pablofett/JFcustoms is it?
I also like where you cut the back of the cowl and then have the neck piece cover it. Masterful...


I made the cowl from thin eva foam with a pep file from

The cowl took many tries through trial and error to get where i am now. I use caulk and plastidip to get it smooth and take away the lines. I am still working on getting better at this. Thank you for the kind words, I hope to finish an Arkham Origins batman with foam bat armor. For now I have this suit.
me batman.jpg


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I think I'm the guy from BotB you're referring to. I just finished the gauntlet unfolds, boots are scheduled for tonight. I will hopefully have low poly done by the weekend.

I meant to post them months ago, but my life has been chaos lately.

Also, since they're low poly, they're not nearly as beautifully detailed as the OP's reference pictures, but they are direct rips from the PS3 model.

I do not have the belt model cleaned up yet, and that will most likely just be the buckle and a pouch/capsule set.

I'll post them here when I finish them, too. Sorry again about the delay, just wanted to let you know I was still alive.


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Bumping this thread because of progress!

Body (finished) - Download - 4shared - Joker Smith
Gauntlet L (10% smaller) - Download - 4shared - Joker Smith
Gauntlet L (finished) - Download - 4shared - Joker Smith
Gauntlet R (10% smaller) - Download - 4shared - Joker Smith
Gauntlet R (finished) - Download - 4shared - Joker Smith

I have uploaded the files for the torso, upper arms, gauntlets, thighs, and shins. There are two versions of the gauntlets, a regular and a "10% smaller" version. I recommend using the 10% file, as the scaled one is ridiculously enormous in circumference. I left polygons from the very bottom of the boot and the top of the skull for scaling purposes. These files are currently scaled for someone that is 6 feet tall, but the shape of the character is rather odd, so there may need to be some toying with scaling. For my build, I used the "10% Smaller" gauntlets, but the chest piece was a little small, so I had to reprint it in a slightly larger size. I have not tried printing the shins or thighs yet, those are next, as I wanted to get the gauntlets done first for an event in July.

Also, they are arranged a little oddly, as I had to avoid the bottom of the page because when the program prints them it cuts the bottom two inches off the page for some reason. They are not password protected, and can be edited as you see fit.

All other parts would be kind of pointless to unfold, as they are cloth parts that can be made in other ways. Additionally, someone already unfolded the cowl. You can find it in this thread:


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I would like to help and contribute. I'm not a pro unfolder like JFcustom, but I'm heavily inspired by his work. So, I did unfold the files below for foam. Of course, they can be improved, and they also can have its scale adjusted. Batman AO upper torso - foam unfold by regisaugusto - Download - 4shared Batman AO biceps - foam unfold by regisaugusto - Download - 4shared
I've been keeping tabs on this thread hoping someone would step up and do a foam unfold. Thanks so much for your help. You'd never know this WASN'T JFcustom!