Arkham City Robin


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Have you seen this yet?


Exclusive playable character when you pre-order through Best Buy. He looks pretty awesome and much nicer than the Batman Live Robin. I'm diggin' the shaved head thing even if he does look similar to inFamous's Cole McGrath.

Now, I'm wondering how it will be colored. Darn it..... >.<
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Saw it on /film as well. Its cool but itll be just like the Joker in the first one, only playable in the side/challange parts. But at the end of the day its still Robin so ill pass lol
I wish they'd offer stuff for those of us who don't do online or multiplayer, they pulled the same crap with War For Cybertron with all the cool characters as multiplayer only. It is a very cool looking reboot of Robin though. I the only one that thinks he looks more like Jason Todd than Dick?

Jason is pure badass though so I can't complain.
I find it interesting that his cape has what looks to be a hood and I still can't help but wonder what color scheme they are going to do for him... OFF TO PHOTOSHOP TO PLAY! :lol
That is awesome, Jannix!

I went with something like:

I also did one without the green on the sleeves or mask here:

From reading the description again of the exclusive DLC on Best-Buy apparently he will also come with a "Red Robin" bonus skin so I guess we might get something like both of these.

Ok, nevermind I just looked up what "Red Robin" looks like.

*EDIT* Ok once you get this pic all cut up into easily editable layer you can have all sorts of fun recoloring :lol

I did another version with just red, black and yellow:

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