Arkham Asylum/City Grapple Gun VIDEO Build - Progress pic added

Lookin' good!

So I'm curious, what is it exactly you don't like about the MDF?

It's hard to get a very clean, crisp edge on something small like this. It tends to break apart when I'm tooling it. It also soaks up shellack and paint like a sponge. I think next time, I'll go with some kind of plastic, even if it means just pouring some resin into a shape so that I have something to work with.
Just finished editing part 10, and also got a lot of work done on the main body tonight. The front end is almost finished too. Just one last component to build. I need to come up with a name for that part other than "front end" as that sounds kind of non descriptive.
I'm working through my backlog of unmade videos right now. I've got two more that are going to go up today, one of which is uploading right now. After that, I think I have one more, then I'm all caught up. I'm spending time today working on the last piece I need to make on the front part of the gun. That's the stuff that is all scratch built out of styrene, and is proving to be fun, but very time consuming.
these are great, you go slow in the right parts and speed up the boring parts. great editing and sound. hopefully this becomes the standard for build logs.
Does that ModgePodge stuff only work with wood-composite for sealing? Or can it be used for plastics and such?

What kind of plastic? What are you needing to seal on plastics parts. If you mean for joints, seams, scratches etc. Bondo glazing putty works great.

Or is this a porous type plastic?
Oh my crikey. I just spent like 2 hours building a styrene box that's like 2" x 1". And I just noticed it's SLIGHTLY wonky. oy!!! My kingdom for a mini mill.

I've been enjoying the vids, Matt! I like to see the obsession you put into making a piece as perfect as possible even without the right tools.

I did this just to be a display base for a Kryptonite key and it took quite some time before I was satisfied with it.


But just like you ran into... with the correct tools it would have saved SOOOOO much time. LOL

Can't wait to see the progression!
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