Arkham Asylum/City Grapple Gun VIDEO Build - Progress pic added

I think it is great that you do your tool work sitting on the floor. Before I got sick and my friend build work bence for me. I did everything on the floor. I only sew on the floor now. I have been online everyday waiting for the next installment. Thanks
I think it is great that you do your tool work sitting on the floor. Before I got sick and my friend build work bence for me. I did everything on the floor. I only sew on the floor now. I have been online everyday waiting for the next installment. Thanks

Mark, that is hilarious, and I'm glad to learn I'm not the only one who works on the floor. I think I originally started doing that simply out of necessity, as I was always dropping things. When you're on the floor, there's less distance for them to fall :)

Next episode is being finalized right now.

The music is found here:

I usually go to the "instrumental" filter and just start poking around.
Matt, I think this version is just fine, maybe a little voice over narraration here and there. That way you have more time to work on your projects or personnal life. Great work so far.
It was at 1st about not having enough table space with me. Funny thing about later you are alway dropping things. I was alway falling and if your setting on the floor you can't fall.
Loving these videos! You work fast! What has been the hardest part so far??

Thank you sir ,but I humbly disagree about the speed thing :) This is actually taking longer than I expected. Though that is due largely to two things: my broken foot, and all the overhead involved in making the videos. The video part I'm ok, with. The busted foot part is just troublesome!!! :lol

There hasn't really been one part in particular that was difficult, though I guess the handle was more work than the other parts. If only because I try so hard to make it symmetrical.

If you want a list of which parts were FRUSTRATING, that would be a long one. Overall though, it's been a really fun process so far, and it really makes me want to build more. For every little thing I build, I learn a lot about how I could have done it better.
I was thinking about sealing the MDf. You could brush on a light coat or 2 of polyester resin(Fiberglass resin). It would fill some of the holes and make the wood around the hole a little harder to sand away. It take about 45 minutes for it to harden so you would have to allow enough time to cure.
I love the videos. The only thing that I don't like is the super-fast stuff, I can't tell what you're doing.

When you're wanting to learn it makes it really hard.

Number 13 was especially fast. I realise it's taking a long time for you.
Good feedback Jannix. I'll try to make it a point to slow down when there's something worth explaining. I think that's fair enough. usually the sped up parts are just supposed to be the stuff that *I* don't think would be interesting to see in detail. I'm working on a segment right now that will lend itself nicely to some slowing down for explanation.
I'm really interested in this stuff. The kinds of things I would watch that would seem 'obvious' to you might be explanations of the tools, and why you use which tool for each job. Also, why you choose each material, which dremel heads you use for each part and so on.

If you've done it before then I guess it's just something you know, but they're the things that frustrate a beginner.

Examples of what I mean- When you're taking out the Mattmobile window, you used the glass cutting tool, but it broke. I'd have liked a close look at it, found out what it cost and how it's used and such. You also bought the reciprocating saw, and then updated it to a corded version. Knowing that stuff is really handy when you're looking to buy tools and gear.

Maybe I'm alone, but those sorts of tips would make your vids even better than they are.
Jannix, that is great feedback, and very reasonable. I just finished up another episode, and I think it will make for a good response to a few of your comments. But yes, I can definitely make a point to discuss tool choice/use and process.

What this project has really revealed to me is that there's a million ways to do something. The downside to that is that the process *I* chose may not be the best one, or even the right one. it's just the one that I chose based on the tools I have available, my skillset, and often my patience level.

But yes, I think your comments are very reasonable, and will indeed make the vidz better.
Here's a pic I took tonight of the current state of affairs:


Still a lot of work to be done, but this will give you a general idea of the overall progress.
Hey Matt, i've been lurking here on the RPF for a few months now and only recently made an account in hopes to get into this hobby.

I'm really enjoying this build and am loving the videos.

Like the others, perhaps more explanation of how/why you're doing what you are could be beneficial instead of just 'what' you're doing, but the videos are still awesome and I cant wait for more!

One question though, could you perhaps post/link to the reference pics? As i said, i want to get into the hobby and after seeing your progress, and being a huge Batman fan (isn't everyone?) a grapple gun may end up being my first build. However, I have been searching for art of such high detail to no avail.

Thanks for the inspiration.
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