Arc reactor kit amazon

My kit was different, didn’t have pre wound blocks. Was just black laser cut edges and wire that needed to be wound around the acrylic.

Mine too came with the silver 'pen/paint'.. I just wasnt sure what HE used.

I have seen other blob on some hot glue first..etc.. so I wanted to ask.

* my cubes were also already 'pre-made'...

One different approach "I" did was NOT to use the wire on the cubes itself to feed into the 'nubs'..

I tired to hide those 'cube wires' to the bottom.. and then used some thin brass wire to feed through first.

Like so:

Gave me that more uniform 'bent/rounded' look..

yeah I was given a silver pen to mark/paint the nubs.

and the copper was already woven in hollow square blocks and all I had to do was slide them over a black cube. It does look neat, but doing it by hand would probably look more authentic...because tony was able to build it in a Cave...with a box of scraps
That’s why I printed the blocks to make it infinitely easier to wrap the wire around.

i like what you did there, a layer of wire and then cut them to fit on the light ring,

i like that the others are pre made,
i ended up buying a roll of motor core wire to redo mine hopefully a bit more screen accurate than what i got, and im going to redo the blocks, because those laser cut plates are very fiddly,

but all in all its a nice thing to have and build isnt it
Ok all
Here it is! Very happy with how it looks...not screen accurate but close enough for me! I used the wire that came with it and used 5 min epoxy to create the solder connections. Used the marker pen to color the solder joints and add a little weathering to the inner ring.


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