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Hi all.......does anyone know anything about these kits? thinking of ordering one but I don't want it to be a big old pile of junk when I get it


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Soo didn't like the length of time it was going to take to get the kit on Amazon. Would've been about a month. Found the same (?) Kit on eBay...has shipped and should have it by Saturday. I'll post pics when it comes in.
Got mine from WISH as well... no issues.

The ordering was a bit odd.... but it came, and was pretty dang good IMO..

Not a metal one.. those parts were laser cut acrylic, but its a pretty nice and detailed little kit.
I haven't ordered the stand. I'll see how the kit is before o do that. Was gonna 3d print the Arc reactor but it would've taken me a long time to sand and finish all the small parts. Time vs money.
I dont think you'd even be able to print it all using a 3D printer.. at least not making it all look as good as the kit (and keeping things at the price point)..

There are metal pieces, screws, cast parts...etc....etc..etc all included in the kit. I'm amazed at the quality for that price. (The Wish ones were cheaper than the ones in your screenshot)
i did print a reactor from thingiverse, before canning it, and ended up getting that one on wish too, it really is a nice kit, depending on which supplier,
the parts are nice to handle, and you will also need a power source, i just use a powerbank the kind that rechrges phones,
Ok I'm really excited about this kit! I just got it! It's from Mando studios. Has a remote! Also has the din plug. This is gonna be a fun build.
For my kit, I designed and printed the insulator blocks that the red wire is wrapped around so it’s more screen accurate. Wrapped the wire around the blocks rather than the acrylic.
I got mine of Wish. Wife asked me to find a nightlight for our new born...she put her faith into the wrong person haha. For the price, I was really happy and was easy to build. It’s we dont use it as a night light. But I use it now
this is what came with mine, im assuming everyone gets one,

on a side note, id like like to know how everybody gets the coil wire wrapped so neat, do you glue it, that has got to be the most fiddly part to these,
im now going to have to strip and redo mine,

on a side note, id like like to know how everybody gets the coil wire wrapped so neat, do you glue it, that has got to be the most fiddly part to these,
im now going to have to strip and redo mine,

Mine was already pre made, I just needed to slide it on the acrylic black part. Maybe you don't have a Mando studio kit, or and older gen.

Like theses:
Mine too came with the silver 'pen/paint'.. I just wasnt sure what HE used.

I have seen other blob on some hot glue first..etc.. so I wanted to ask.

* my cubes were also already 'pre-made'...

One different approach "I" did was NOT to use the wire on the cubes itself to feed into the 'nubs'..

I tired to hide those 'cube wires' to the bottom.. and then used some thin brass wire to feed through first.

Like so:

Gave me that more uniform 'bent/rounded' look..
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