Apologies for my recent thread.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by _Lee_, Jan 29, 2006.

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    I just wanted to apologise to the forum about the thread i started the other day about recast practice in the prop community.My intention wasnt to offend any people and i think i became a little confused as to what is what,and was moreso reading too much into recent discussions about certain Star Wars armour.It seems as though a few persons knew what i was trying to say,but i obviously got my wires crossed and in some way misinterpreted the definitions of the recast practice.

    I in no way advocate people using other persons artistic creations,in a way that they profit from someone elses hard work.

    I am sorry if i caused any offence to the persons who do produce quality replicas for the enjoyment of other honest collectors.

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    This is always a sensitive issue. Some people will understand what you are trying to say in a thread like that and it sparks debate in others.

    In my opinion, it's good to read the RPF rules regarding recasting and if you have a specific question, take it to PMs with a mod instead of opening up that particular can of worms.

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    I don't think there's any need to apologize. It's a confusing issue....and it will never be black & white. It's something that you just have to accept in this hobby....
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    No need to apologise to anyone. I just thought you were picking peoples brains for their opinions and perceptions of recasting issues. Sometimes it is a grey area and a little bit of clarity is needed sometimes hopefully you got something out of your thread.

    I don't think you offended anyone :) .

    Cheers Chris.
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    Keep your chin up, Lee. All is well. :)

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