Anything work for scuff marks on ABS?


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I have an old set of GF armor from 1998. It was doing fine until the hurricane. I looked at it in the box and it has some black scuff marks on it that I can't seem to shift.

Any ideas?



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sell it to me cheap... :love

lol, just kidding, im sure it can be fixed, someone should be along any minute...

i remember a thread a while back on just such a topic... cant remember what they used, but the guy was freakin, yet found out how to fix it.

good luck...

if it is ruined though...

you can sell it to me cheap. :angel


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sound funny but i know TOOTHPASTE removes dark scuffs on white vinyl and white leather boots . :)

john :cool


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Some of our troopers have had success with the Magic Eraser (the Mr. Clean one). Use sparingly. Personally, I use Novus #2 and polish with motorcycle cleaner.