Anyone used clear-cast resin with silicone?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Birdie, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Birdie

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    All the clear-cast resin leaflets state that it shouldn't be used with a silicone mold. I've tried using clay moulds, but it really isn't satisfactory for what I'm trying to do. Is there any way of getting a decent release using polyester clear-cast with silicone?
  2. exoray

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    As for clear casting in silicone, not a problem with the right resin...

    But, as for polyester clear in silicone, yep the surface gets funny...

    I, 100% stand behind Smooth on clear urethane resins, worth every penny... Next in line would be Alumilite clear urethane... Polyester clear resins just don't cut it IMO when using a mold...
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    I used silicone for about 90% of my molds for my stuff, ranging from my "Blue Rose" to bullets to rings.

    all polyester (and now epoxy) resin. only thing i can say is mold release is a good thing.

  4. zorg

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    i use it no problem with my 3po eyes, its urethane (sp) resin though, poyeter shoud be ok too

  5. Birdie

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    Do you use the standard spray stuff?
  6. Blad

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    Are you talking about damage to the silicone mould? Or the tackiness you get with clear-cast polyester?

    Spray mould release works fine with me - you really need to leave the polyester in the mould for as long as possible, hours really to reduce tackiness.

    I've also mixed a small amount of styrene with the clear-cast resin, which can give it a very slight milky look - but after polishing thsi seems to disappear. Huge benefit is almost zero tackiness and you can release from the mould after 30 mins no problem.

    You'll probably only get 25-30 pulls out of the mould before you need to look at relining it. I know you are supposed to be able to 'cook' silicone moulds to redistribute the oils (or something) - doesn't work for me. Just get brown stained moulds that smell like they've been cooked. Maybe the ancient Baby-Belling had something toi do with it.

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