Anyone manage to dissasemble the NECA portal gun without cutting the shell?


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Hey all, so after years (since 2013) I finally got an alright ish way to display my NECA portal gun, and it reminded me of some of the mods I wanted to do.

The main thing would be adding circuitry with an lm317 and grabbing an input off the LED lighting I put in my shelves to power the gun, and have it automatically change over to battery once disconnected, that way it could be left on permanently.

I also had some other somewhat grand ideas, the portal gun (at least the one I have, I just saw they made atlas and peabody ones) comes with magnetic strips to add blue or white stripes, I thought it would be cool to use reed switches to change the gun's settings according to which strips you put on. I likely won't do this, but hey, maybe someone will read this and give it a go.

The main thing is adding that DC input jack and circuitry, and while there is a tiny bit of room in the bottom of the battery compartment, I don't know if I could make it work and it's pretty cramped in terms of running wires up to the terminals, this would also mean I likely couldn't make it change over automatically, so less than ideal but would be better than nothing.

I found one thread back then where someone disassembled it, and the white shell is apparently fused to the main black body, he had to cut it to get it off of the gun.

I was wondering if anyone else had attempted this, or found a way to disconnect the white shell in a manner that does not involve cutting, as I am very apprehensive about that, and if the gun gets ruined, they are a hell of a lot more expensive and rare now, as it was I had to get one on ebay in the first place since thinkgeek wouldn't ship to Canada, and sadly it's not in great shape which is a bummer. It's good, but it probably got roughed around in transit or something. Little bits of black in the end, and a ding in the top circle.

So... anyhow, I searched and couldn't find anything new, but maybe some of the people who are actively on here have seen something. I probably would have been more active here if I had any artistic skill in the slightest, you people make me damn jealous.


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I've done a lot of research into these for my build and that's the only method I've seen. A heat gun may be able to do it or similar. Considering the prices these command now, I wouldn't be pulling mine apart. Hats off to you.
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