Anyone Know Ebay User tyragbphoto1

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by THEWRAPOFCONS, Mar 2, 2006.


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    I saw he had some cool props on Ebay and was wondering if anuyone here had done buisnes with him, he is in the same city as me and he seems to do a lot of propconstruction, anyone know him or have any insights?

    Here is one of his old auctions
  2. wuher da brewer

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    I know he's been asked about before but don't remember much else. He likes to state that he found his items at a sale. For finding his items at a sale, he has a lot of the same items. He sometimes says he's not sure of the history of the prop and whether it is screen used or a replica.
  3. trekkieb47

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    I think he is recasting... he has a PAL unit that looks recast.

    Hey WRAPOFCONS... respond to my PM's or call me please. Thanks.

  4. Darkknight0667

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    To be fair, Berry, without evidence, you probably shouldn't toss around that accusation lightly.

    Granted, his PAL looks like a crummy casting, but without tells that someone might have put into their version, you can't be sure that this guy's not just a really bad caster.
  5. Jedirick

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    Amen. I got boxes full of non-recaster crappy pulls.
  6. Kylash

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    yeah this guy is scum, sells recast and crappy stuff, and pretends like they get it from estate sales from some prop maker, and very rude when replying to questions.
  7. docholl

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    I can state that when screen-used Andromeda props hit the market this time last year, tyragbphoto1 copied and posted quite a few of them on e-bay in no time flat. The quality was generally VERY POOR.
  8. firstmark

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    He replicates things others don't though. He does kind of pretend like he only has one of something even though they appear week after week. He seems to have dropped the not sure if screen used or not from estate talk lately though.
    He wouldn't give me a list of what he has and can make when I asked. So he appears to be ebay only.
    Things he has or has made include:

    Earth Final Conflict Global
    EFC Renne Palmer Gun
    EFC Liam Kinkaid Gun
    Andromeda Force Lance
    A firefly gun I think

    and a few others
    I don't doubt some of his items are cast off screen used items.

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