Anyone else tried using polyfiller instead of car filler/ bondo?


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Anyone else tried using polyfiller instead of car filler/ bondo?
I was using car filler on my stargate chevron which is a wood and foam build, and was getting fed up with the smell and the fact that no matter how little hardener I used it always dried before I could do much with it. I had a pollyfiller squeeze bottle in my toolbox and I thought I would try it on the build. I have to say I’m pretty impressed, no smell, dries in an hour, sets hard as car filler and sands to a nice smooth finish. The cost is about a ¼ of car filler and a big bonus is that it’s ready mixed so you just squeeze out what you want to use. Pollyfiller is the brand name of a decorator’s filler for plaster or wood. Most big hardware chains have their own brand that is even cheaper. Make sure you buy the fine surface type
fine surface polyfiller is used in professional modelmaking for scraches and small fillling jobs. add and mix in the smallest drop of water for the best results.
keep trying to get the hang of car filler once youve got the hang of it you can make ANYTHING !!! you can even cast with it by adding fiberglass resin or cellulose thinners..................
mix in wood glue with the polyfiller and a small amount of water, dry really hard and you get a good smooth finish when sanded
I've used an epoxy based body filler I bought at tap lastics a long time ago.It doesn't smell,but because it is "epoxy based" it is toxic to touch/prolonged skin contact.It dries fast though,sands easily and doesn't shrink lke polyester/bondo fillers.
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