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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by howlingwind13, Jun 11, 2006.

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    Hey gang
    I'm looking for those oversized plastic easter eggs about 16" tall most of them have an easter bunny on the plan is to make an ALIEN egg from's the thing I need like 20 of them...I did ebay and google searches and came up with nothing.
    Anybody have any info, I need them fairly soon
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    Not sure if they still carry them but last year I got a bunch from I used them to make a series of eggs myself...



    EDIT: Just did a quick google search and found this site:

    Not sure if they are reliable or not but it's a start atleast.
  3. Great_Bizarro

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    Don't know those just don't look right :confused

    If you want to get a partial order, count me in for an egg or two. I don't need 6.
  4. Beagle Bill

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    Hobby Lobby carries them every Easter, but that's a long wait. I think they are about $4.00 a piece.


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