any way to make quinine water glow a little brighter?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by hydin, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. hydin

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    i am working on an idea, and want to use quinine water (sp?) for a nice bright glow. (think nutty professor and you have the same blue, they used it for the weight loss formula)

    the only problem is the local water i picked up is sort of... bland? looking when the UV light hits it.

    any ideas on how to make it a little more "concentrated" or a little brighter?

  2. Great_Bizarro

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    Check some of the overclocking computer sites they sell dye to add to water that glows under uv light.
  3. hydin

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    i was thinking about that, but this is a quick/dirty hookup, and i was hoping to knock it out in a day or so.

    im thinking maybe boil away a good chunk of the water? logically (in my head anyway) itll leave more quinine behind to glow, therefore be a little brighter.

    there will be glowing things with UV dye though, trust me :D

  4. Mike J.

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    Add some laundry soap? That stuff tends to have optical brighteners...

  5. Rebel Hunter

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    not sure what type of quinine water you are using, but Canada Dry seltzer (with quinine) has a nice hue to it.
  6. Snoballz

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    I made glowing bottles for our bar by cutting open a highlighting pen and soaking the part that held the ink in the bottle with water. Don't know if blue highlighters are UV responsive but it might be worth a try.
  7. weaselflinger

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    Add Bombay Gin, if it doesn't glow more, you at least have a hell of drink (don't forget a twist of lime).
  8. Hellclaw 01

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    If you let it evaporate, just the H2O should dissapate, leaving you with a more concentrated end product.

    Boiling should help speed the process.

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