Any upgrades for MR motion tracker


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Hey Gang,
I recently won an MR motion tracker off ebay ($180 shipped - gotta love patience) and I was wondering if there were any upgrades available?

I think Hyperdyne made his actually work (i.e. able to ping objects). I don't need to be that extreme (though it would be nice) but something above the standard electronics.



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Yeah I made my tracker work but you dont have to use that functionality. I added a real LCD screen with working range digits, pulsing sonar rings, fading sprite target "blobs", etc. You can trigger the target blobs with a motion sensor or using the drill switch. It's definitely my favorite prop..

Here are some glorified movies of it in action. :)

MT movie

MT Movie w/ IR


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Hyper, I love you, man (but not in that way). Could either of those be made to fit an MR tracker?

I'm sure the functioning detector set up requires quite a bit of modding to the MR one and is probably a bit too rich for my blood, but would you mind sharing the details as far as modding and costs?



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Dang, I thought my motion tracker was cool the way it was. It would be awesome to have it functional. What does an upgrade like this cost?


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Hey Fred,

Thanks, I love you too. :)

The kit should fit into an MR tracker. In fact I am still in the process of upgrading my MR version to use these new electronics as well. I couldnt stand the electronics that are presently in there. The display is mediocre at best, plus the grating sound would give a guy a headache after awhile. :lol

Once I get a proper Hama viewer it should be pretty easy to do. I am not sure if the existing MR viewer is hollowed out, it seems pretty light so I am guessing yes. And it is somewhat bigger than a normal Hama viewer. So in speculation I would think everything would fit just fine. I will have more concrete answers once I rip mine open. :)

The IR detector doesnt add much to the install. Since the MR drill body seems mostly hollow everything should fit ok. Its a good starting point for the drill casing since the real one is a pain to prep. I ended up running the sound board, IR module, trigger, mode switch, and speaker to the drill body, while keeping the batteries and video boards in the Hama viewer. I ran wires between the viewer and body using the cables that attach the body and viewer together. You can probably reuse the drill trigger switch in the MR as well, so that saves some install. I also use the rotary knob switch on the drill body to choose auto or manual tracking mode too. On the MR MT this switch is unused, so you can hopefully use that as well.

You can read more about my MT kit here:

And if you want to see what all the MT consists of and how to put it together (from found parts), here is our original MT construction guide:

Hope that helps.

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Wicked cool. I've seen your demos before but I can never get enough of them. :)

I certainly plan on upgrading my MR MT with your kit in the future.

In fact, one of my drawer projects includes reproducing the ALIEN motion tracker based on the Panasonic Ranger 505 TV, and a variation on your circuit would compliment my buildup beautifully. Hopefully I'll get back to the project in a few months...

- Gabe


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dear god HD... that was frickin awesome...

i thought an alien was gonna get me for a second.

great stuff as usual.



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Cool Frikkin' beans, Hyper :thumbsup . There are no emoticons to describe how cool that is. If I start saving now, I should be able to get one...eventually :lol.

As soon as you figure out how to get that sucker in an MR tracker, you know where to find me :D..



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Thanks gigatron. Yeah, when I figure out the MR conversion I will surely let you know. I am going to take off the MR viewer screen and gut it to see if its salvageable. That would be the easiest way to go if you dont have a Hama viewer and the flash unit.

PR, the Alien tracker would be cool too. I havent seen a working one of those. You probably have plenty of room in that thing to put lots of goodies. :)
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