Any source for Studio Scale TIE Pilots?


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I think swmodeler was working with someone who was sculpting a 1/24 TIE pilot, to be cast and sold in the future. On my TIE, I converted the driver figure from one of the old Monogram 1/24 sprint car kits. The original figure wore a jumpsuit and gloves, and was posed in a suitable upright driving posture. I sculpted a new helmet and the chest armor with epoxy putty.

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Originally posted by yodakiller1138@Feb 18 2006, 06:10 PM
The actual  figure in the original model is a pilot figure from the Airfix  Harrier model.
That is what I had heard as well.
Here is a Airfix Harrier pilot that I used to replace my SS BSG Viper pilot.


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I used a toy figure, cut/re-positioned the joints into sitting position. Made a mold & casting. Came out pretty well, I think!!