Any fans of Bush - the group...

Sluis Van Shipyards

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...because you would have went there. :rolleyes

Seriously I heard the new (or newer) Bush song "Sound of Winter" several weeks back and was surprised they were still making music. I didn't know they'd made any albums other than Sixteen Stone and The Science of Things because the local station, that plays new rock, only played tracks from Sixteen Stone. So any opinions of some good songs from the newer albums? I figured they stopped making music since Gavin Rossdale started popping up in tv shows.

Wes R

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I didn't know they were even around still until you posted this. They've dropped off the radar since the late 90s. Their stuff didn't get much air time around here even when they were a new band at the top of their game.


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I've seen them live several times over the years. Heck, they headlined a show I was at in St.Louis a few months back.
My wife was desperately trying not to enjoy herself (and failing at it) and then Bush came on... halfway through the second song, he runs offstage and out through the crowd. I saw what was going on but the others in my group had no clue until he was running past us, about two feet away. My cousin and I had to restrain our wives. :lol
After that, she had to admit that she had indeed enjoyed herself and that she was familiar with most of the bands we saw. (Cake played some new stuff at that show too)

cayman shen

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Their album with "Glycerine" etc (their first? Sixteen Stone?) I liked, but the couple after that felt very derivative and generic. I had no idea they were still around either!


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Their second album Razorblade suitcase is definitely worth picking up. I kinda lost track of them after that.


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I'm a fan as well. Yeah, they were pretty much defunct for almost decade, but I liked this new album. It's not amazing, but good. The "sound of winter" was recognizably Bush, which I like, and it's done well on our local Alt rock station.

I'm rarely a fan when a band changes their sound, I understand the need for growth and change, but always to a certain extent, Many bands often push too far and are suddenly unrecognizable.


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BUSH ftw haha yea i loved them. have seen them 3 times this yea. they played in my town i think 2 months ago and are just as good if not better every time i see them. really great band live.

Sluis Van Shipyards

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That's what I was wondering whether they last couple bombed because the station I mentioned would have played them. The new song "Sound of Winter" is pretty killer though. I'm going to try and listen to the previews on Amazon to see if any others sound good or not.
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