Ant-Man helmet from China; a review

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    I haven't seen any threads on this helmet so I thought I'd post a quick review of what you will actually be getting.
    First off, this is from no particular seller as it appears there are a few from China selling the same thing so I'm assuming this review will apply to all of them.
    Yes, this helmet is "100 percent similar to the pictures" :lol That's pretty much true. I was surprised that the paint job is pretty darned good. However, there are things in pictures that are pretty deceiving when you don't see it in person. The first thing you will notice is it's made of vinyl. It's thick, but not thick enough to hold it's shape while in transport in the heat. It will come to you deformed so get those heat guns fired up. Next the lenses in the pics make it look as if they are thick and angled. Nope. Thin red plastic pinned in. Next, the is no real padding to speak of. Just a few strips glued in for the high parts.
    All in all, not bad for 80.00 shipped.
    Except for one little thing, and I do mean little.
    You guessed's child sized. The auctions state that it will fit a 24" head. Not in this lifetime, baby! I have a 24" head and if I push really hard, I can get it down to my nose, that's it! Now my four year old sports it like it was tailor made for him. Honestly, it looks fantastic on a child. But even on display buy itself it looks undersized, even to a non prop person.
    I've already put in a return request.
    So that's it. When I get home 'lol hit it with a heat gun and shape it back to were it should be that I'll post a couple of pics.
    Let me know if you guys have any questions.

    EDIT: I might have spoken too soon! After heating up and reshaping, it WILL fit an adult size head! Keep in mind, if you have a huge noggin like mine, it will fit but it will be snug.
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    Thanks for the review! I've been eye balling a few of these buckets and there looked like they were too good to be true. Thanks for saving me the time and money.
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    No photos???
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