Anovos EP7 Stormtrooper.... thoughts?

Not sure if this question has been asked before, but is Anovos planning on having a license to ship products to Australia by the time the EP7 trooper is available? I'd love to take advantage of the intro price but can't at the moment as they don't ship to our shores yet :(

Al May

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I think it has been said these will be out end of this year or early next year, saw the armour at C7 and it looked great, also the 501st guys that already have this are also looking awesome, would have liked a kit for premier night but that ain't going to happen:cry maybe in time for celebration Europe next year ?


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I noticed that there seems to be a black (or possibly dark gray) armor in the sets released last night...

I wonder if the molds are the same and some paint is all that's needed... anyone 'in the know' know how similar these are?

Got Maul

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It is from the same digital files,but it is not the same bucket. The bucket the 501st still has exclusivity on is made from fiberglass, whereas this one is made from injected ABS plastic.


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Looks good. Does the fact that the bucket is up for pre-order imply that the whole armour set not be up for a while?

kristen jones

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Can't wait till the pre order opens for the armour set... I'm so in for one. i picked up a bucket from Oz and now I'll need some armor to go with it. Got Maul... is there any update on the time table for the preorder of the armour kits?


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I have a question.
I have purchased the ANOVOS First order Helmet (Standart Line) pre order.

but I want to know if the helmet and armor will be valid to enter the 501st Legion.?



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I agree...If already determined/ mentioned I apologize in advance, what is the ETA on the armor kit?