Anovos EP7 Stormtrooper.... thoughts?


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Have you seen the pics today? what do you think. kinda wish i held out today and not purchased the $350 stormtrooper lol
I think the knees are a little funny but overall I'm liking the armor more and more with that nice view. There's a little more McQuarrie sneaking in there with the chest plate, ribbed elbow joint, and gauntlets. Very cool.

Taking a second look, the knees actually follow the McQuarrie trooper design but with an additional cut above the knee to account for movement.

I really like the new look, though I am more interested in at present in seeing more of the blasters.
Just from the trailer and the account of how the stormtroopers moved in the OT, these guys will look much better on screen with movement, etc.

Its growing on me, not because I dont like, just not used to it. Its a great design.
Now, with the LIVE STREAM, all the pictures and photos, the trailers and all the material from the Star Wars Celebration, we finally have all the material needed to start working on the Replica of the new Stormtrooper armor before the movie hits theaters. ARE YOU READY????
That flamer trooper looks pretty darn good.

Though the pictures I am seeing of the blasters make them look like they are plastic toys.
Anovos has already done the armor,a bunch of 501st members were given the chance to be the first to order it. There are a bunch walking around Celebration :)


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I would Pre order it in a hot second from Anovos. I want to know how accurate it is from the filming costumes. What I really want to hear is Anovos say......we made them for the movie.
Ok guys I have to say now, despite what I said in the TFA thread, this is starting to grow on me. I still say the chest plate and leg armor is a little light on detail, but not as bad as I thought.
I like almost everything about the new armor except I agree that the chest and back are too bare, and somethings just "off" about the legs. Too thick maybe? I dunno.

I ALMOST like the new snowtrooper, but I just don't. It looks like they need to scale down the helmet by I dunno, about 10-15%. I'm getting a Spaceballs Dark Helmet vibe off it for some reason.
I love it, and normally something like this takes time to grow on me, but these are awesome and would love to know how much and when the preorder is.
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