Another Vibro-Ax project

Laser Brain

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I'm going to try and bang this one out quickly in between working on my Avatar MBS-9M.

First, the parts I have so far...

The Supermax...

A Han Solo blaster (not the right one, but close enough)...

Adamata's resin Soft Flo Soaker...

...and his pipe assembly...

Some 1" aluminium pipe...

A fitting to top the pipe. I'm going to have to adapt this and make a clamp for it...

Some 4mm aluminium rod...

...and a Vader chest box rod. Again, not totally accurate, but it'll do the job...

I've also got some flex to make the 3 ribbed sections that are on the pipe.

I still need to find the Yamaha part (if anyone has a spare casting please let me know!) :)...and I need to make the large cross head detail.

I've made the blade from MDF and have sealed it ready for sanding and finishing...

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I'm sure this will turn out perfect just like the rest of your stuff. :cool
What did you use to seal off the MDF if you don't mind? I had no luck last attempt.

DL 44 Blaster

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Always cool to see these. It's a long ago prop project that I aspired to do, but never got the initiative to follow through on. Maybe someday as long as threads like this keep coming up :D

Laser Brain

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Finhead, I use button polish to seal the MDF. It's like a dark shellac.
DL44, do it! It's a nice quick project once you've got the parts.

I'll take some pics tomorrow. The Vibro Ax is built and in base coat.

Laser Brain

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Here are some pics of the build in base coat (Rover Storm Grey and Testors Dullcote). I'll dry brush some dirt and highlights at some point. It's not particularly accurate as far as the detailing goes, but there's nothing on it that I can't snap off and replace if and when I ever get the actual parts used. Thanks to Adamata for the Soft Flo and the pipe assembly...







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nice build, what did you go with regarding the cable wrap?

did you use tape or heatshrink or nothing over the top?

can't really make it out.


Laser Brain

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Thanks guys. I tried to use the heatshrink, but it made it quite hard to wrap the cable around the pipe, so I didn't bother in the end. I hadn't thought about using tape.


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i posted this pic in the other vibro ax thread, it looks like tape to me, maybe heat it a little to get the desired effect??



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Sorry to ressurect an old thread, but have to say this is an awesome build! Wish I had time to get around to building mine.
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