Another multi-year pursuit comes to a close.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by MattMunson, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. MattMunson

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    After YEARS of wanting one of these, i finally managed to drum up a beautiful Trill Phaser:


    I don't know why this piece has proven so elusive. I've seen a few pop up every now and again, often at either prices I'm not willing to pay, or under circumstances that aren't optimal. But at the last profiles auctions, one fell into my hand for the opening big price. Woohoo...

    Still not sure if it's screen used, made for production, or just made by the shop. Either way, it's rockin.
  2. Tripper

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    Pretty cool. What episodes where those in?
  3. LeMarchand

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  4. Walter

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    Ok Matt, the key I can handle, a very respectable score, but now you are just showing off.... ;)

  5. Jedi Lawja

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    Wasn't that also in one of the movies? I forget which, but Kirk has a wall full'o weapons decorating his ready room, and I think that was one of 'em.


    p.s. Sweet acquisition.

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