Another Hippie.


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Having seen some hippie paint ups of late, and me having a spare raw P2, i decided to paint one up as i had not done so on my closed mouth mask.

and here he is.

next, a elder conversion on my closed mouth P1 ( something else i have not done yet )





Man I just love Hippie. And you do him so much justice. Very nice as always Lee.
I'm very much looking forward to the elder conversion.
What you use to paint those details? ................... :0. Im kiddin bro :) Awesome paintjob, like always your work stands out
A true work of Art Lee! You so inspired me to paint mine or should I say Nikks.Oh course it always helps when you have such an awesome sculpt to paint on;)
Haha, I just got married and figured since I can't be out at the bars no more or hangin out with the guys as much that i'm gonna need a hobby and a good one at that to get me through this. lol, So i started making visits back to the lair and got curious enough to see if my account still worked and SHABAMM it was still there lmao
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