(Another) First Class Magneto Helmet


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Hey all, first time poster here at the RPF, so greetings! Like several other people on here, I was a big fan of the helmet design in X-Men First Class...so naturally had to make one of my own. This is the current state of my build, a little more left to do on the sculpt but it should be ready for mold making by the end of the week. Trying to decide if I should clean up that fugly interior even though it'll be cut out in the casts ;)







If anyone's interested, I'll be posting some process on the ol' blog once I wrap up the sculpt. On a separate note, anyone know of a good tutorial for using the lightbox to display images? Would way prefer that to imbedding...


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Very impressive:).. Glad to see another magneto helmet build! Especially one this good. What material did you use??


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Thanks for the kind words! This guy is insulation foam covered in Smooth-On's shell shock urethane resin and several passes of body filler. The trim is styrene but has also received a fair amount of filler over the course of the build, and of course there was an ungodly amount of sanding involved :)


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LOL.. i think the common theme to all these magneto builds is an ungodly amount of sanding:D...i hope mine looks half as good as this when its done. Looking forward to seeing this in action
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