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Before I post anything, I would like to thank everybody for letting me hang out with you all, and this chance to present a bit of fandom and creativity, for one JediMichael for teaching me about video editing.

I've taken on a video project that depicts (approximates) an event from (military) history for the purpose of info-tainment/militainment.

The first video was made in the spirit of '12 Strong' , about Green Berets being flown into Afghanistan at the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom:

Thanks for watching ~ more to come
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Thank you. Based on a true story minus the graphics, so this video depicts reality mildly to say the least (half way down the page):

21st Century Horse Soldiers - Special Operations Forces and Operation Enduring Freedom | Defense Media Network

Personally, what I found the worst about those first two months of fighting were the wounded and dying horses. I'm a massive animal lover and it tore me up inside to read about their suffering, aside from that of fellow human beings that is. (Domesticated) animals have no say in the matter in the human world; the fact that they were involved in battle in the 21st century was both exceptional and difficult for me to read about.

That being said, if the badguy(s) take your country (still valid these days) and inflict pain and suffering even on generations before you, you would want to stand, fight and get it back. I fully get their point of view; that's why I like reading about it so much. Courage is timeless and very necessary.
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Yes, I think that animals used during war/conflict should be seen as somewhat humble in their innocence and courage, despite their fears, since they recognize it, they'll go on and do their duties to the ultimate sacrifice of their life. I think there's a true symbiose between human and animal in those circumstances.
If at all possible, I would go one step further and replace animals by robots, which I think is being worked on by (miltary) science
The problems with robots is numerous: battery is the main one and electronics the second. Nothing replaces a good mule or a horse...and in certain countries, those are the choice transportation. The poor infrastructure (road, bridge, etc...) is a big challenge for any army.
Even tanks can become fast obsolete when local bridges cannot support tones of steel. Maybe one day;)

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