Anh Escape Pod Research Thread

Just found the cylinder parts under part #4(Centurion) on Map2.
They are from the Bandai 1/24 Jagdpanther. Most probably in the Panther G also.
Pictured is the sprue, the part on a ruler & 2 of the cylinders with the Centurion part on top.
Confirmed Kiill:cheers
Are the parts map photos still available? They seem to have been deleted from this thread. Thanks!
Thanks, for some reason my access to SSM isn't working right now, Joe's trying to fix it for me.
Hi Folks, I realise this is an ancient thread. Is there any chance that someone might be able to post the Parts maps again. I know 2 and 3 are out there but I can't seem to find a complete Map 1 or ay others if there be some. I have tried the SSM route to no avail. Many thanks in advance. Rich
Here are the maps, I believe were here. Hopefully I won't get in trouble for posting them again. Let me know Jase, ; ) Map 7 didn't have numbers or labels. Don't know why.







MAP 8.jpg
OK so I've spent some quality time with these maps over the past couple of weeks. I have 3 questions. I hope someone can help me out. It states that the Revell F-4J Phantom is 1-24 scale. I have not been able to find it at this scale. Could it be the 1-32 scale instead? One other question I had do to lack of a better pic. On Map 5 #8. Tamiya 1/35 88mm. They look like 3 L brackets. Can anybody help me out with this ID. I've looked at my kit scans and just don't see them. Finally on Map 6 #2 8rad. the part inside the engine bell. Is that part from 8rad A-7 Thanks again for your time. Tim
My kit scans for the Tamiya 1-24 Centurion MK III is incomplete. Does anyone have the D sprue for the Tamiya 1-24 Centurion MK III they could share. Thanks!

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