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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by jokawild, Jun 22, 2006.

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    This will be my first jedi costume and i'm no where near an expert on the subject. wanted to know what would make an accuate costume for Anakin going by boot color, cloak color, and other stuff like that. I know of one that to me looks pretty close, and i cant argue with the price. also where can i get a right hand glove. and with me i kind of get stuck on the tiny details so when i get closer to completion i would like to get contacts close to Anakins Evil eyes. so if anyone has any info please share.


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    Rubies makes a glove that looks pretty good when moded.

    There is a thread on in the costuming section completley devoted to this costume, I think they are having an accurate glove made too.
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    welcome aboard jokawild,

    While your not supposed to mention Live auctions on the board I know you didnt supply a link which is good so keep that in mind plus I do know the auction your talking about and he's offering 22 sets of this costume so I dont think the mods will mind. just keep this as a heads up.

    Also in conjunction with the question,

    I think what you also felt like asking is what exactly is an accurate costume supposed to be as far as boot color and outer robe color.
    please elaborate on your needs.

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    thanks ill check it out

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