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Hello all,

I’m currently trying to figure out the best fabrics for Anakin’s Clone Wars uniform from the flashback scenes in Ahsoka. I haven’t seen anyone take a stab at it yet and I want to create something as accurate as possible to the show. I found a nice linen type fabric for the maroon/burgundy parts, but I am lost on what material would be suitable for the navy outer tunic. I bought a swatch of navy microsuede which was my first guess on what would be best. It seemed like a good option, but once I received the swatch I began to second guess. It’s pretty stiff and I'm not sure it will drape well. Does anyone have any good suggestions?



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They used microsuede for both from what friends of mine have told me. Both the navy and burgundy parts. Microsuede is a synthetic fabric with a smooth side and a napped side with a fine grain, much like it's leather counterpart.

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