Am I the only one who thinks Andy should have ended up with Ducky?

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Gone but not forgotten.
I hadn't seen Pretty in Pink since it was in the theaters - tonight I was forced (once again) to watch it and I remembered why I didn't like it - and even the things I thought were kinda funny back then are simply annoying now. Ducky.

But forget that - lets just look at the movie's face value and the moral road it travels.

Andy is poor but likes a rich guy - he likes her too but his friends give him crap for it. He dumps and humiliates her to stay in good with his buddies but a simple I'm sorry gets her back. All the while Ducky is waiting for her, in her world of vintage clothes and music appreciation (they show him liking the works of Otis Redding, but I knew people like him in high school and their radio only changed from Duran Duran to The Cure) I know we are dealing with high school politics, but don't you think Andy belonged with someone as stupid as she was? Blain no doubt was in line to take over the family business - whatever that was. She needed someone who would be happy working at a thrift store with her for the rest of their lives - right? And just a little advice - if you don't want people singling you out and making fun of you - don't cut up lace panty hose and turn then into a hat. Stay away from bloomers that you've cross stitched into a back pack. The Pink Karman Ghia may be a wrong choice as well.

So who do you think makes more sense - Ducky or Blaine?


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Ok my take on it is that a relationship is a two way street. If you want a shallow relationship, you are a shallow person. She couldnt see her hand in front of her face and got a guy who probably dumped her the next morning after getting the icky red headed present.

I dont like Molly Ringworm anyway.