Altmann's TK Armor???


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Hi gang,
A member of our Garrison has inquired as to the quality of Altmann's TK armor. There's an auction on ebay right now claiming to be molded by Altmann's, but to me the pic looks like F/X armor. I won't post the link to the auction due to the no auction posting rule, but can anybody help me out here? I didn't think Altmann's made armor, just buckets.

You should be able to find the auction if you search for "Star Wars - Stormtrooper Armour with Blaster"

Thanks for your help all.


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AFAIK..Altmann's only made a shoulder display for their lids....I don't think it was wearable....

Lord Abaddon

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I see the auction, it's really hard to tell from the picture, but yes Altmann did make armor at one time before he got the SW license. He made some suits and hoped to actually get a license to make them for the Pacific Basin (the area his LFL license covered), but LFL didn't go for it so he never made any more. But I can't honestly tell if that's his or not as I've only seen pictures of it and never in person.

EDIT: Actually looking more closely I agree, looks like a FX suit and helmet to me.


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Altmann's TK armor was quite distinctively innaccurate. Here's a picture (middle trooper) showing the high, pinched chest piece:


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This was back in mid-2001.I was after a set of Scout Armour and was directed in Altmanns direction by a ANZ-501st member. Altmann pulls a dodgy and sells them to customers on the QT, costing around I think $1600aus for a set at the time he offered armour to me.He asked if I was interested in getting a set of stormtrooper armour with my Scout armour, he sent pics, and even I could tell it wasn't as accurate as he made them out too be.

Note: My scout armour was crap as well, but didn't have the luxary of seeing pics prior to purchase.


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No offence to anybody but is is so that in all the history of replica prop licenced products the only people that got licenced in the early era of prop / replica was those people that made the most innaccurate items. :$
Altmanns have done much stuff and with that possiblity still manages to make it so off and so wrong.
This is also like DP but they did it better. :confused


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I fully agree with you TMP. When I hear a name like Altmann's, or DP I tend to shy away rather quickly. I really do wonder how they are licensed to make such poor quality stuff.