Almost Human

Our own Kenny is responsible for Kennex's gun. And I did notice the Time Coppy similarities.

Way past time we had an Almost Human thread.

Kenny, get in here and show us your stuff!

Since we finally saw some badges, did you make those as well?

I was wondering when someone would start a thread. LOL

First..... NOT A TIMECOP gun. lol I totally reworked the design off of the David Hasselhoff Nick Fury gun. The nick Fury gun was a modified TimeCop gun. There's several reasons for the similarities. First, Karl wanted that design. Again, even though it looks close, it's a totally new design. I think we discussed and agreed we were going to refer to the gun as the Kennex Gun from now on. :) Thanks to Bad Wolf for that.
MFP 2020.... agreed, the gun talk should come over here. It started out as a discussion about the show and somehow progressed into Karl's gun. lol Sorry, my bad. I don't think I can really add much more. The studio has released amazing pics of the gun. In fact, the studio ran 3 digital cameras at the same time to film the show. I can't say anything negative about this show. Everything these guys are doing is fantastic work. I especially loved being on the police HQ set. All the screens actual ran animation..... each detective's desks had specific personal items on it. Like... one desk had a tiny real RC helicopter on it. However, I didn't see any doughnuts. Ha ha.... little dumb humor.

Really, though..... great bunch of guys to work with. The prop master, Rob Smith is a great guy and I really enjoyed building for him. I truly hope this show continues.
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Kenney…Kennex…hmm. ;)

Kenney, beautiful job. I love the Kennex pistol. Where might we find these "amazing pics" of it? (An aside: Did you work on the P90s? Do you know if they're actual blank-firing props, or airsoft?)

BTW, I contribute to IMFDB and I edited the Almost Human page to reflect what you said in the other thread about the Kennex and Reinhardt guns. If anything needs to be fixed, feel free to let me know. (Then again, it is a wiki, so anybody can fix it.)
Kenney, from one old propmaker to a new one..great work and thanks for jumping in here and tell us your story.

I am very interested in see those pictures as well.

Rich by your suggestion I will check it out! I've been a little curious but Hollywood has been SO disappointing recently I was a bit unsure! But with all the great press here I'm in!! Thanks for a great thread...cheers!

From the mobile office of Wolf Navarro
The P90s were actually somewhat stripped down from Underworld Awakening. The front section shells and the grenade launcher were removed but you can see the cosmetic cover over the magazine is still there... the part that has "Police" on it. Some added details for AH were added. But, the build originated from Awakening first. These are real firing P90s with choked barrels to cycle blanks.

and thank you for making the corrections to IMFDB.

As for pics of the gun......
Almost Human.jpg
That's gorgeous. And a nice serial number. :)

So the rear sight "hump" is bolted to the slide, and the front clamshell is attached to the frame? Does the added weight of the the rear addition cause any cycling problems? Was I correct that you mounted a laser to the rail?

Sorry for all the questions; I'm just excited! :D
no cycle issues at all. The guns ran beautifully. I will say that after I finished them, these weighed a ton. Yes, I modified a laser module and placed it in a cavity I machined into the shells. There is no "rail" on the gun or the shells. I bolted the shells directly to the frame.... drilled and tapped holes right in the frames. The back piece I bolted directly to the slide. Again.... drilled and tapped holes in the slides. I also 3d printed parts which I mounted to the shells. The grips are mine as well.... machined out of a dark walnut. Cerakote gun coatings for finishing touches. The weathering is real..... filed right through the Cerakote.
The show has the right combination of acting, scripts and humor to make this (hopefully) a long term winner. Just needs a dedicated viewer base...spread the word! Urban is terrific as are the sets, props and effects.
Big fan of the show, and I really like all the guns and hardware so far. The focus on tech, and how it's used for good and bad deeds is something I really enjoy seeing on a weekly TV show.
I find the twists of future tech and CRIME within the new tech very enjoyable, it has snappy writing and ideas.

And the SPX of the future cityscape are very good, it really sells the show.

I too am hoping for a good long run, so far it is the best I have seem sense B5.

I think it is a nice massup of "Blade Runner" with "I Robot", and "Man and Machine"

We have been talking about the props.

Just a little plug for the show.

If the show lasts then we can have a lot more fun with building the props.

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I love this show, and I want a Kennex gun :lol !

I need should look for something good for Karl to sign at Comicon coming up.
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