Alien / Nostromo Uniforms


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"(bugger all sizings in stock, and super cheap, so I'd guess Bata are ending this line ... )"

Agreed, Septic. It seems that there is no winning on this kind of thing. I bought my Batas at the full price and then again as much for the shipping. If I was just thinking about it now, I'd be lamenting not having smaller feet... :(


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I wasn't completely happy with my first attempt at a crew jacket, and started a second one. That was probably five years ago, all this time the jacket sat in my closet, completed except for the back stencil which I did this afternoon. Finally. These uniforms are a huge project if you don't own a sewing machine.


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I need to order the boots and also find the correct carabineer for the "keychain", and finally apply the patches (but I'm holding out for a better red 161 patch).

Then, it will be complete.

I wear the hat all the time!


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hey there everyone! thought this thread was great, loved reading through it. thought i’d share some my ongoing projects, Brett’s costume, here’s a photo of the pants and hat i’m working with, hat is a very close match, 6 panels, navy blue, green underbill. Pants have have some work done on them too, added a shin pouch and what not, working on the knee pads. Also finishing up my Dallas/Parker shirt, debating on what color wings to choose.


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Nice work on these so far vintagespud

What brand/model did you use for a base for the pants and shirt?
thanks! the shirt was just a regular linen shirt i thrifted, it’s from Joseph Abboud. The pockets were taken off of an Apt. 9, branded short sleeve shirt, I sewed on the epaulets separately.
The pants are light blue Rothco Cargo pants, I bought a few pairs when I found them.
I wear 34x32 pants, I bought the large size, fit great and are adjustable.



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I removed the side patches/emblems (which left some holes I need to deal with) and the labels at the heel. Cleaned with Acetone (which really brought them back well, other then the top of the toe) and then sprayed with KILZ. I haven't decided if three coats of primer will do it or if I go for a top coat...

Obviously leather, and not canvas, but the price was the same (used) and leather seemed more "in-universe" or idealized to me than canvas.


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I stopped at the leather store and it’s stupid money for D-rings there, and no 3/8 lacing.

Where can I get 40 d-rings and Chicago screws?

I’ll have to cut my own 3/8 leather strips for the rings.


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I have some screws already, and they had a big bag of them for reasonable money, but I want to confirm the length I need, based on the leather I have for the loops to hold the D-rings.

I'l have to google the D-rings. I thought someone recently bought a big bag of white nylon ones for short money not too long ago...

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