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"im looking everywhere to find some affordable but they’ve become pretty rare..."

Nostromo2124 The PF's or D-rings? I found both online with little effort. :cool:
No, the d-rings are no problem, of course, but I’m not able to find any Germany based seller of pf flyers under 100€ or EU based sellers with shipping costs under 20€ !
Maybe some explanation of my financial situation
I’m 18 now and making my A level, so all the money I’ve got are my savings from birthdays and so on, until I start my voluntary social year in a few months and may find an additional job to earn some extra money... So everything over 100 bucks for shoes, jackets, fabrics, tools etc. is unusual the most expensive was a 3D printer I funded with a vacation job
My current savings goes into this project and a ticket for the next Rammstein concert!
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Amazing build's on this thread, I may already have found out what i'm asking but i would like to know more info on the Kane under cap, i think it's the Type D RAF but is he wearing some sort of other white cap underneath?
aliensuit copy.jpg
Tropical pilot cap raf D type.jpg

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Haha, I can get myself just in line with all of you...
Seems that everyone has to go through the "dyesaster" routine with their Mk3s...

Used a bottle of royalblue (should have been similar to the suggested denim blue) and half a bottle purple.
The Result, well, on the upside: the lining turned out to be the perfect purplish-grey color that I was aiming for..
the downside: the outershell turned out to become the most beautiful Navy blue... :lol:

I'm not sure now, which color might be better to proceed from that, simply a grey? Or maybe back to the roots with olive drab?

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Here the picture of my dyesaster.
Lining in perfect color (it's darker than the picture shows).
Outershell... well, a lovely navy blue.

I think I'm trying to pour a bottle of oliv over it, hoping to turn it to the grey-brown side (and not ruining it totally)..

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Arsenal Best If you haven't used a fixative yet a few warm washes should help rinse out the dye and get you closer to the original olive colour, then i find a mix of RitDye Denim Blue, Purple and Pearl Grey gives a good result, I have a thread and i go into more detail here: My Nostromo Crew Jackets (Pic Heavy)
Stupidly I used the fixative (the instruction said that the "salt" has to be put in with the colour and both came in one package). Since from Germany I had to use another manufacturer than RitDye.
However I used the mix of your thread just leaving the drops of grey and as said, for the lining it worked perfect. ;)

The olive dye didn't remedy much. It's not that bright blue anymore, but still pretty blue and relatively dark. Will have to wait until it is thoroughly dry, but I probably will try a bleecher or decolorizer next...


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Those have the correct number of eyelets (8 to be exact), where did you find them/what’s the model code?
That is interesting. I have a white pair same as Draco Wolfsbane only size 10 and they have 9 lace eyelets per side. Hard to believe they'd add 1 more for 1\2 size larger shoe. Also, a friend has size 12 and they have 10 per side.

And apparently the actors had the same excess lace length to deal with. The D-rings placement uses alot less of the lace length.


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I've noticed some materials & assembly variations on the PF Flyers I bought new versus used. It's possible the patterns for the eyelets also changed over time or with different manufacturers.