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This is a continuation of a thread over at Prop Summit ( a Blade Runner Prop Community Forum BladeRunnerProps.comView topic - Nostromo Med Lab door switch)

I have just acquired an original panel from the Nostromo from the movie Alien (1979). The panel is made out of the same white plastic that Stormtroopers were made out of. It has all of its original lights and still works. Unfortunately it is missing the center buttons. These buttons were used multiple times on the Alien sets and appear frequently in strips of seven. This has led most of us looking for these to conclude that they are either from a TV, cassette deck or similar device. The RPF is the best place to ask for help in finding 'found' items, hence the reason for this post. I have attached some additional images below.





It may just be me but im not seeing buttons, im seeing pop open cough drops or pills. The type with the silver foil backing on a plastic bubble. They would be readily available en mass and cheap if not free pending expiration dates.
Sorry to go OT, but that IS a full set of Tamiya Tyrrell sprues around the switch box isnt it? Again sorry, but what a cool way to easily greeblie up a surface :lol.

My theory was strips of adhesive rubber feet. Till I saw the pushed down one in the bottom pic, anyway. I suppose they could've been separated and glued down individually?
Those round feet use to be available on square bottoms and in strips. It was a thin bottom and you pulled the feet off of it. I will look for some next time i'm at my folks place. The slider knobs along the top look like they came from an old Tandy or Realistic mixer Radio Shack use to sell. The black pushbttons on the side of the ones you are looking for are used on ALCO pushbuttons. The same kind of push switch as used on Boba Fetts gauntlets i think. The one with the rounded switch lever tip. Also looks like your missing the row of buttons along the bottom. Any better pics of those?
Check out what I noticed amongst the set dressing in the rocket from Flash Gordon:


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They did use to vac-form over pills a lot...or as robstyle suggests...they may have just used the pills still in their packaging.

I'll ask Bill Pearson when I see him this week, if you like. I doubt he'll remember, but he did work on both Alien and Flash Gordon, so you never know.
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