Airsoft Spring Light Machine Gun?


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Hey guys, I need some imput...On Hobby Tron, they have a video featuring two of the newer light machine springer guns. However, to me, the one the white dude uses, is larger than the Asian guys. ( :confused )

So which is he holding, the M248, or the M249?

Spring M248 Machine Gun Airsoft Gun

Spring M249 MKII Full Scale SAW Machine Gun Flashlight, Bipod, Full Stock Airsoft Gun

I've looked around, and found some videos of each elsewhere, but I still can't determine which is larger one. I only want one for a 1:1 scale prop. Thoughts?
I'd say he's holding the m249. Looks like it has a longer barrel judging by the side views.

Also it says full size in the description for the m249 while it says near full size for the m248.
That's what I thought as well, thanks for the imput! I wasn't for sure if I should trust Hobby Tron's product descriptions or not...I've bought "1:1" items from them before, to find they are much smaller than the original firearms, LOL.
Just so you know those are both undersized. Ive used them before as rack warmers but thats about all they are good for. You would need to fabricate a box magazine if your not after the NATO style troops clip. This is what your looking at with a quick repaint and some graphite powder applied then sealed with a flat oil finish:


Compared to a quality replica:
Sidewinder...I'm glad someone can read at this establishment! :lol :lol :lol Thanks man!

Rob, yeah I don't need it to look 100%, but I'd like to get as close as I can get on a budget. I deffintly understand a $35 replica will never compare to a nice full metal $400 one.

Do you know how much underscale it is?
Hmmm....That's close enough for me to carry around the house and yell "OH MAN! Get down! DO-DO-DO-DO-DO-DO-DO-Do!" :lol
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