Agent Kallus Helmet Scratchbuild


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I've been working on an Agent Kallus helmet. As a bearded redhead, there aren't many opportunities to jump on in cosplay...

I didn't 3d model it, I just built 3-way views based on stills from the episodes, and cut out disk-like cross-sections from hardboard. I stacked them up on some dowels, filled the space with foam and I had a 3d form for the helmet. I papier-mached it for a more head-friendly inside, and then fiberglassed it and pulled it off the form. Here it is so far, I just rough-tacked the prototype neck shield in place to see how it looks, It looks weird without the cheek guards.

I see a lot of bondo in my future.


Of course, as I get about 3/4 done someone will probably release a beautiful pepakura unfold and I could have finished it in half the time and a quarter of the work, but I'm learning a lot...


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Hi MaxSupernova and welcome aboard ... as a bearded redhead you could always cosplay Redbeard the Pirate though a STAR WARS character is always much cooler :)



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Great job! I had very similar idea how to build it: internet research + couple of sketches and basic drawing (side, front, back). Decided to build mine out of EVA foam, although one day I would like to try fiberglass. This was my first attempt - so still not happy about some curves, but this will do. Here are few photos from the building process.
Still need to finish the stencils on the sides then couple layer of clear coat and it will be ready!
AgentKallus_EVA_Helmet_01.jpg AgentKallus_EVA_Helmet_02.jpg AgentKallus_EVA_Helmet_03.jpg AgentKallus_EVA_Helmet_04.jpg


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Just watched this excellent video. Very informative and great to see the steps of the process. Certainly looking forward to more videos and pictures. :thumbsup
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