A-Wing Thread

Double T

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Well, starting to look into actually trying my hand at this, and since I've always loved this ship, it seems to me that it's the one I'm gonna try!

Any more info?



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I absolutely love those guy's work! Not always studio scale (although I think the A-Wing just might be!) but nailing it it spirit! This page has been like this for some time now. Does anyone know how this bird turned out for them?



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I am currently in the process of accurizing the Hasbro toy. I've shaved off all the raised (shudder) panel lines and almost finished scribing in accurate ones. I plan to put lights in the engines and in the cockpit - and completely overhaul the cockpit. I still need to vac form a new cockpit canopy, since the Awing I bought was from a junk sale for AUS$8, and didn't have a canopy.


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This is probably my favorite fighter design of the SW universe.

A studio scale A-Wing would be pretty cool. Has anyone got any progress pictures available? I would like to give this one a shot when I get caught up with my other projects.


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Just wondering, has anyone identified the A-Wing canopy yet??
I Just got two F-14's so I thought I Might slap them together to make an a-Wing, and the canopy is the only major part I can't seem to find anywhere.



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This what i got so far. I'm using two upper bodies form Revell's 1/32 F-14 tomcat. These needs to be filled with putty, sanded down and re scribed.
I'll also be using Hasegawa's 1/32 F-16 intake between the large engines at the rear.




Thanks to www.wackychimp.com for hosting these pictures


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I'm not 100% sure, but I was told the A-wing canopy was also off an F-16. I also have to action figure scale toy and was planning on modifying it. Since the panel lines are raised so damned high up they'd make good guides for scribing new ones...unless you're going to try for matching the actual ones from the studio model. I think I'll just go for something close to accurate with mine...if I ever get to it.



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I'm going for a look that is as close to the filming miniature as possible. My model will be smaller than the actual studio scale model, 'cause I don't know which kit exactly was used for the main body.
All I got so far is the F-14 and F-16 kit. And a lot of the rest will have to be scratch build.
But the canopy is such a vital part that I don think I can complete the model without knowing what kit it came from
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