A story of my predator.

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Age: 4,102
Weapons: War's apocalyptic sword (The horseman).
Time:202 years after the apocalypse.(2046)
Appearence: Predator 2 with a black robe wrapped around him it's torn at the edge's.
His helmet is scars with tribal markings all over but its hard to make out the markings from the weathering on his helmet.

Azrael knows the only humans left on the planet are half angels. He hunts only the Daemons of chaos and the corrupt.
Azrael leaped of the ruins of a building to only just catch the piping on the next building. He climbed up with such little ethusiasm. At the top he lurked over with all his patience he stalkied a Daemon prince.
He could'nt risk attacking while he was being watched by the half angels. The red sky was coming to a dark musty brown.
Night. Azrael could'nt wait for this as the angels left he lept straight in front of the Daemon Prince.
He startled the Daemon and his royal guards he ran; Azrael roared as he was distracted by the royal guards.
He thrusted His sword towards the guard, dodging the enemy's pityful attempt with an axe.
Azrael impaled the guard to the wall. While turning around he realized another axe was coming right towards him. He dragged his arm up and blocked the blow with his gauntlet. Filled with anger he grabbed the pests head and ripped it off.
Laughing in his victory. He wandered where his real trophy was.
Suddenly he heard the screams of Daemons the hellguard was coming there wings were glowing in the night. He pulled his sword out of the daemon clenching it, he sprinted towards the hellguard.
Severely outnumbered and outsworded he laughed with joy as he knew he had a challenge.
Into the crowd he went....
To Be Continued......

I hope you like it, should i continue it?

Thanks Jack. ;)

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Yautja Queen

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This story is really amazing!! Yes, please continue it!!! I love how you have the setting in the aftermath of the apocalypse, with demons and angels, its just a really great setting. And this ancient predator is in the middle of it, fighting the demons, still enjoying the hunt. Awesomness!!


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Yes i am a big fan of 40k and a game called darksiders i love the hellguard ill post an image.
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Into the crowd he went gracefully.
Smashing, slashing and devouring the hellguard.
He threw his sword straight into the hellguards helmet, an INSTANT KILL !
Jumping up he grabbed the hellguards wings he ripped them from the sockets blood splashed over his helmet.
He fell straight onto another hellguard pulling the Angels holy spear for his chest.
Azrael went back to his first victim as he pulled his sword out, suddenly a hellguard punctured his spear through Azrael's arm.
Only just skimming his arm Azrael did not agree with this.
He slashed up, down, left and right as fast as death's sythe.
Leaving the hellguard in bit's he sat in a pool of blood and laughed.

While running back to his lair.
A quick boom came before his hearing, he saw a yautja mothership shoot six pods straight into the golden city.
He zoomed in on the leading pod yet to know in his ancient language, he could not believe what was before his eagle eyes.
His Old elder Abbadon...............
" The old but wise one? " Azrael mummered in dark voice.

1 day later.......
Azrael awoke putting on his armour, he clipped his helmet to his right shoulder like the ceremonial way of the golden hunt.
Running like a cheetah through the valley of death. He remebered his motto " I am alpha and omega the beginning and the end."
Smashing through anything in his way a yautja jumped in his way throwing a combi-stick at him.

(Slow mo)
Azrael flipped and grabbed the combi-stick in mid air.
Onto his feet the Yautja and him circled.
"What is your purpose here?"

"I'm no Fool Azrael we know you've been here hunting."

"Ah Ha ha ha, i hope you like my work."

"oh weee Do... Ahhhhhhh"

The yautja had a sword threw his chest. Azrael roared as his trophy was back and ready to fight not only the daemon prince was there so was a battalion of daemon warriors.
Azrael was outnumbered 1 to a thousand.
Leaping, he thought "This is going to be interesting".
Through the fire and flames devouring his enemies.
The dust was in the air, Azrael fell to his knees he'd be stabbed in the shoulder.
A Daemon ran towards him, In a matter of seconds a shuriken flew into the abominations face.
In shock Azrael was helped up by Abaddon..
Abaddon returned in time of desperate need with his fellow yautja's they stood in position.
Waves upon waves been cut down plasma cannons melted Daemons, they all laughed in enjoyment.
Abaddon Mummmered " Im too old for this crap!"
" I hear that friend !" Azrael shouted.

They killed them all except the prince he was Azrael's trophy.
The young ones only were just out of breath.

Azrael jumped onto the prnice tearing his horns from his head the prince attemped to slash Azrael he dodged every move it was child's play!
Azrael smashed his gauntlet into the chest and pulled the skull and spine back through "AH Hah finally!"
He noticed he was being stalked by the golden ones Suddenly he was out clean!
He opened his eyes just to get a glimpse of his brothers being taken down.....
A tear road down his eyes As he fell back uncounscious............

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Azrael awoke filled with rage, he spun his head round the dark room.
He stood up suddenly a door rose up into the wall.
Azrael examined his condition, Losing his bio, and chest armour.
Only his gautlets remained, he walked through the gate only to see crowds of Angels and hellguard.
What is this he thought ? He carried walking Just until another gate rose.
In the darkness was a glare from a bad blood.
Not knowing where all of the yautja's came from.
He charged into the battle.
The bad blood smashed a sword into Azrael's gauntlet they struggled for control.
Azrael quickly reacted he threw a punch at the bad bloods face, puncturing it's face he enjoyed blood crawling down his arm.
He continued with a combo of punches, Swiftly he dodged another attack.
Just to get around the bad blood, bringing its own sword into it's throat.
He struggled to breath from the laseration to the throat. Azrael enjoyed this experience, he dragged the bad blood back to his dark room by the dreads.
He Thrusted his hand onto the head ripping it from its socket, he had another trophy!
He laughed in joy as he had a succesful fight for the day.
His honor was being regained.


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Azrael awoke in the night, to find his bio had been returned. He grinned.
Azrael heard growls in the darkness of the shadows in his room.
Turning aggresively with his bio he scanned it, just to find Abbadon.
"Hello old friend, i see you've been hit a few times!"
"Ah HA ha So have you!" Azrael replied, gracefully.
They Shook hands with a bit of joyful aggression. The Door rose again, in the ring already was 5 hellguard waiting for them.
They both ran, suddenly Abbadon turnt laying his hands out boosting Azrael into the air.
His landing smashed the hellguards face, jumping to the next oppenent landing on it's back.
He thrusted his arm grabbing and tearing the hellguards throat out.
In the background he noticed his brother smashing two hellguards faces toghether.
One left Azrael held him up by the neck, "How do we escape your pityfull arena!"
"Only by killing calgar, our king"

The king lept into the arena, He shouted " traitor!".
Both the yautja laughed at 12 foot tall angel.
Calger threw a spear hitting and smashing Abbadon's bio off.
They ran with rage like a lion hunting wilderbeast.
Azrael got smashed into the wall while Abbadon grabbed Calgar's right wing ripping it off and he started beating him with it.
In this distraction he took his chances, he charge into Calgar chest Knocking him over.
They Started beating him until they both grabbed his head, then they both ripped his Skull from the spine.
All the angels ran in fear while the two yautjas escaped they ran off into the mist............

They were back at the lair, glad they could rest they feared for their other four brothers.
"We will rescue them tommorow no matter how difficult." they both roared in a vicotry of a battle but not the war.........


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Great story! Azrael sounds alot like the archangel Tyrael from Diablo :D I had no idea that Yautjas could live that long, and stay so strong for that long... though I don't now much about the race exept for what the movies show.

Keep 'em coming.

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