A good clay....


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Im atempting my first bust.... Can some one reccomend a good clay and should i build off a foam head or a metal life size head amiture??? Comments would be helpful! Thanks :confused
WED clay. Cheap, cheap, cheap, easy to sculpt, easy to smooth, all you have to do is wrap it in damp towels and a garbage bag and it stays workable for months.

Sculpt on a wig form with a broom handle jammed and glued into it and mounted on a sturdy base.

Buy a set of cheap loops,
Amazon.com: Pottery Tool - 11 Pc Set: Arts, Crafts & Sewing

and some of these:
Amazon.com: SE Pick Set, 12Pc: Office Products

Make yourself a couple of rakes from a chopstick and a coping saw blade.

I have learned more lurking here in the Sculptor's Forums than just about any other resource:
The Clubhouse Online Modeling Community

Good Luck.

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