A few new Zombie masks.. a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL and


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Hi all,
I am proud to announce the release of Dorian Grey, our first in a series of licensed masks based on the spooky changing portrait characters created by Tim Turner of The Ghoulish Gallery changing portrait company.
This highly-detailed, full-head latex mask add a whole new dimension of terror to the changing portrait concept. Now, as haunted attraction guests are drawn in and distracted by transformation of the Dorian Grey changing portrait, Dorian, himself, can startle them from around the corner... or better yet, lunge at them from behind the (drop) portrait. The looks on their faces will be priceless.

Our full-head latex mask is currently available individually for $100, or as part of our special introductory Christmas combo which includes the mask AND a 16"x20" Dorian Grey changing portrait for the amazing low price of $125. ( These portraits are normally $70+ each . )

"Early Delivery" is also now available. This new costume accessory is sure to bump the gore level up a couple of notches. Great for ladies who love to horror costume... wear it alone with a torn shirt for loads of fun.

"Infection" and "Sarge" are two more new additions to our exclusive line of highly-detailed, full-head latex masks. BOTH of these new hand-made masks are also available now on our website .


For more info, please check out our NEWLY REDESIGNED website at


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