89 Keaton REPLICA costume suit Pics

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just had some time to take new pics of my 89 suit and thought this would be a great place to show them... I only need to get my cape mechanism - plate done.

Please let me know what you think!
I´ll try to get a new cowl in the future - so the pics don´t show my current one. However I could try to post some pics of it tomorrow if there is some interest of it.

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Thank you all very very much for the nice commets- i appreciate them really much!
I try to post some pics with the cowl on tonight!

This looks more like the '89 suit than any other replica I've seen to this point - only a little cleaner, somehow! Great work. Did you make these pieces?
I `ve collected nearly all the parts. All the latex pieces were attached to an old spandex suit which was too small for my pupped. Therefore I had to remake the whole suit, including plastidipping and drilling the chest holes for the plates, etc...
I also repainted the belt in a yellowish kind of colour, casted the RD belt capsules, glove fins and the face cast.
here are the pics of my cowl:

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Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Will post pics of the boots later.
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