80's movie day


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It has been pouring rain all day, so I broke out some old 80's classics. I've watched Black Rain and Red Heat so far. Forgot how good they were and how well they hold up. (They are also very similar.)

What other gems have I neglected?

Before you say Blade Runner or The Thing, those are already two of my favorite movies.

I want to rediscover some great stuff.
The Breakfast Club

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Rambo: First Blood pt II

Top Gun (I watched it a couple of years ago- it's still great! :thumbsup)

Of course there are dozens of great movies that were made in the 80s like Robocop, Aliens, Platoon and The Untouchables...

But are you just looking for movies made in the 80s, or movies that "represent" the 80s?

When visiting my mom in the hospital today we caught bits of Ferris Bueller AND Big Trouble in Little China. It really was an 80's movie day.
There's just such a variable quantity of films which so indelibly encapulate that era which also on there own merits stand as classics so it's quite hard to pick a few so I'll narrow it to those I saw within the last few month.

Used Cars

The Last Starfighter

The Return of the Living Dead

Brewster's Millions

Three Amigos

The Mosquito Coast

Lost in America
Sixteen Candles!


V The Final Battle

Goonies and The Monster Squad! :cool

(actually I watch these both in October; Oct 26 for Goonies and Monster Squad an annual tradition for Halloween)
Several of my favorites have already been mentioned but how about April Fools Day with my favorite B movie actress from the 80's, Deborah Foreman.

Ok, moving on...Here are some of my favorites:

The Breakfast Club
16 Candles
St. Elmo's Fire
Heavenly Kid
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Fire Starter
Karate Kid
The Toy
Pretty In Pink
Chances Are
Dream A Little Dream
The Lost Boys
Stand By Me
Fire With Fire
Heaven Help Us
The Outsiders
Dirty Dancing
Teen Wolf
Life With Mikey
V (TV mini series)
The Beast Master
Tuff Turf
Say Anything
One Crazy Summer
Better Off Dead
Three For The Road
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The New Kids
The Explorers
Honey Shrunk The Kids

I'm sure there's many more that I forgot to mention. The 80's were such great times for movies....
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