66" Enterprise Update

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by t2sides, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. t2sides

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    Hi Everyone,
    Posted some pics of this big ship finally coming together. Still have to putty/seam the saucer, and align/glue the engines, but I couldn't resist setting it all up to see this thing all lit up and running.

    Also, check out 'Page 4' while there to see some of the detailing on the upper saucer and the 'rust ring'.

  2. Howard

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    Well, there's not a smilie or emoticon to represent my feelings on this.
    THE most fantastic ship model I've seen here, or anywhere else, for that matter.


  3. Treadwell

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    WOW. Very jealous.
  4. Hotshot

    Hotshot Sr Member

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    Absolutly beatiful.. Great subtlty with the detail....
  5. rad1701

    rad1701 Sr Member

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    Jiminy Freakin Crickets that thing is beautiful.. Would you take a soul in trade for it? ;)
  6. micdavis

    micdavis Master Member

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    Where do you keep/display such a prize?
  7. Lord Abaddon

    Lord Abaddon Sr Member

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    Just beautiful. I love the "big" models.
  8. Bryancd

    Bryancd Master Member

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    I'm sorry, I just poo'ed myself.
  9. creesto

    creesto New Member

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    That's a beaute.
  10. imaginager

    imaginager Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Looking MAGNIFICENT.. And, inspirational. ;)

  11. Galactifan

    Galactifan Sr Member

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  12. phase pistol

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    Exceptional. :D :thumbsup

    - K
  13. GeorgeC

    GeorgeC Well-Known Member

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    It's very well lit and nicely painted and all, BUT...

    Something looks off in the proportions of the main hull (saucer) to the secondary hull. The diameter of the saucer looks too narrow and the saucer comes up too short to my eyes. Could it be the photography or something else...? It just doesn't "look right." I've seen tons of pictures of the 11-foot model and every episode of the original Star Trek at least 2-3 times a piece.

    Something just seems off to me. It could the angle of the photography and a lighting in the room problem. I'm assuming t2sides accurately scaled down from measurements of the shooting model and didn't just eye-ball the thing from photos and blueprints?
  14. star-art

    star-art Sr Member

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    The masters for this model were made from Gary Kerr's blueprints which are the most accurate ever created. He measured the actual shooting miniature and researched the heck out of it. If these are not 99% dead on to the 11-foot filming model, then it must be impossible to get right because no one has ever documented that ship more thoroughly than Kerr.

    The photos can make a big difference though. First, the original was twice as large so it will not photograph the same way no matter what you do. Second, the series was shot with film cameras and lenses which are totally different from a modern digicam or even a 35mm lens. So even overlaying photos taken from the same angle will not give you a totally accurate comparison. Unfortunately, photos DO lie.

  15. Wolvster1

    Wolvster1 Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about .

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL . :thumbsup

    When it comes to a reproduction ship you NEED
    to have them BIG . :D

    Scotty would be proud Sir. B)
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  16. Jedi Dade

    Jedi Dade Sr Member

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    Holy Sh.t... WOW,... :eek

    I just gotta know how much something like that costs - just in case Yaknow I win the lottery...

    Jedi Dade
  17. t2sides

    t2sides Sr Member

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    Thanks everyone, I'm getting into the home stretch. I finished seaming, puttying the saucer edge, so that'll be getting primer, and new paint by this weekend.
    Still have to:
    Putty/paint the 'neck' where it meets the saucer.
    Secure the engines down, putty/paint those seams.
    Add the hangar doors
    Finish weathering
    Finish base w/ Planet

    BUT, I'm a helluva lot closer than farther now..

    Thanks again. B)
  18. judgedredd

    judgedredd Sr Member

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    thats a fine vessel when are you bringing it out in kit form :)

  19. greatwazoo42

    greatwazoo42 Sr Member

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    There's a massive puddle of drool infront of me now. Dayum but that's some amazing work.
  20. t2sides

    t2sides Sr Member

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    George C - StarArt is correct, this is a 99% (at least) replica of the original filming miniature, 1/2 scale to that model.
    Here are my estimates at measurements:

    Model: ~1/172 scale

    5.5 ft. Long
    2.5 ft. Wide
    1.5 ft. High

    If the ship were real:
    947 ft. Long
    417 ft. Wide
    237 ft. High

    It's definitely the photography and lighting that gives you the impression that it's 'off'. Look at the side profile, and you'll see it's right on, and look at some of the saucer pics in 'page4' and you'll see the saucer is perfect. When I'm done, I'll do a bunch of beauty shots. This baby (the model, not necessarily all my work) is right on to every little detail, trust me.
  21. imaginager

    imaginager Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    And, GeorgeC...you can always look here if you don't :D believe :p us:


    Just make sure you wear shoes with traction, cuz there'll be alotta drooling going on at that site. :lol
  22. GeorgeC

    GeorgeC Well-Known Member

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    Looks nice.

    Definitely proves the point about trickly lighting and camera flattening 3-D objects.

    I never had a problem with the model's detailing but seeing those DVD captures really solved whatever issues I had with it.

    No question it's a nice piece.
  23. mr.predicta

    mr.predicta Well-Known Member

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    WOW.... thats freakin fantastic...
    its the only "KIT" I would buy of this series enterprise if I were to do another one.
    My little 22 inch is great but I would love a larger casting its too bad this never bacame available to the public.and Im not scratch building this one.
  24. Ghost Host

    Ghost Host Sr Member

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    Holy smokes. very nice work. captures the feel
    completely. are you making kits?
  25. R2B9

    R2B9 Well-Known Member

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    That is a freakin' museum piece. Beautiful, just plain amazing.

    ...and now I want to smash my AMT kits to dust, because they are so inaccurate. :cry

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