6 million dollar man lifting body


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Hello every one, this is a model which I was asked to have a go at for my friend Stuart who runs ASHTON MODELS in Lancashire, a great place to visit and Stuart will help as much as possible to find you what you need in the model world. The lifting body concept was an for runner to the shuttle project to prove the theory that a plane from space could land using the shape as a wing and be able to land on a standard runway. This is my own attempt it was tricky as it was in my terms a small model ( most are over 6 feet long ). I have given it my best shot and will be taking the model to the shop in the next week or two for Stuart, as always let me know what you think as this will help me with other projects in the future.

keepp safe and well every one,
best regards Barrie ( the old guy ) DSC07130.JPGDSC07145.JPGDSC07155.JPGDSC07168.JPGDSC08289.JPGDSC08286.JPG
Thanks for the feedback Mr Joberg, I will have to admit had I built in a bigger scale maybe 4 feet long it would be a lot better and easier to construct as. I admire all the model work on the site but those who work in small scales have got great skills and more patience than I could ever have...I like BIG models.

keep safe and well
regards Barrie ( the old guy )
Now there was an episode where he returned to the lifting body...his hand crushing the joystick/cyclic

I think that was the HL-10 though.
Great work Barrie as always - although pedantically it was the 2-fin M2-F2 that was used in the crash footage for $6m (intercut with HL-10 footage for takeoff and separation), and the 3-fin M2-F3 was the result of the instability of the previous version that contributed to that crash...
I'll get me coat... :D

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