5th Element Leeloo


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i saw a really olf thread on this but the pics were no longer visible. i want to make the orange suspender leeloo costume, i think im good on the pants and shirt, but i'd like to get some opinions from you guys on how to make the orange suspenders and modify/ make the boots.
in the old thread it was suggested to use silicone elastic but i may not be skilled enough for that yet, is it difficult to work with? someone also mentioned yogamats, but that it doesnt look good up close?
also mentioned we're some tutorials, if those are available i'd love to read them.
thanks in advance..


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her suspenders look great.
thanks for the welcome, i actually joined a little bit back, but i almost never have time to keep up with the threads and i'll admit im a little intimidated by the quality of everyones work since im such a novice.
i do use the boards for reseach purposes when i start a new costume though.
ya'll are great resources for all kinds of stuff.
thanks again...


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I may have some interesting pictures to post in the next month or two. They would make for great reference.


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This outfit is a grail for me, and fait accompli thanks to Matt.
Kim and Cris did a fantastic job of theirs, and are the best example to follow.
We are nearly finished our suspenders now, and will complete the outfit when
they're done.

I have a connection to the individual who made the originals, and their biggest problem
was trying to ensure that the holes would not distort when stretched, so they were all made elongated against the stretch regions. Jean Paul Gaultier in space, amazing.


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Watched the movie last night on cable. Love it . but just what are the suspenders holding up?and built out of foam? ah the futurists ,what the darn heck?
great job kim and chris . :thumbsup
let us see the results Seswa when you've finished.


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i will definately post WIP pics and i would love any advice or tips from anyone willing to share.

here's a link to a friend of mine who did the bandaid version for Mega this year, she really didnt spend much time on it though cause i know she can do better (plus she's slouching in this pic).

MattMunson: you have a PM.


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Originally posted by MattMunson@Apr 8 2006, 11:49 AM
I may have some interesting pictures to post in the next month or two. They would make for great reference.
You're such a tease Matt.


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Originally posted by TD5422@Apr 11 2006, 02:01 PM
this is all great stuff, but when will someone sell the suspenders?  :cry
Just a couple more weeks before we've got something to show.
I will be sure to post images of the finished piece, and I will have a page
dedicated at the site.

And even more when Matt and I get together next, right?