44" 1999 eagle parts soon available


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I would like to let the community know I will soon have parts for the eagle available
the command module(beak) 2 peices top and bottom this will just be the raw halves with no plating (might be made available after a retooling)these are made of grp
also the saturn V parts for the engine nozzel inserts
as well as the gemmini parts for detailing
these are of resin

initial run to start soon with in 60 days
and may be availabe for a limited time

price to be set at a later day but probable around 150.00 to 175.00 dollars
I will post pics on my website this weekend of the masters
thanks and if anyone has something to add that might be added to the starter kit let me know


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I'd also have to add that Chris Trice's 44" Command
Module is incredible. Absolutely the crispest piece
of work I've seen in years, and accurate.

It will look great on the front of my 44" replica
some day.


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nuff said I was just trying to help once again I was shot down the story of a lifetime
I am quite happy with my sculpt and wanted to offer it to others but hey what ever



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Boatbuilder, I would try to not be as sensitive about it. The real point trying to be made is that you are up against an established seller of the module, who allready has made sales to several board members (including myself) at a price point equivalent to $125 US.
Yes, you would have to purchase 4 Airfix Saturn V kits to get the inserts, plus gosh knows how many Revell Gemini kits if you can get them, so there is economies to be made there.

I would be interested to see pictures of the parts you intend to mold, especially the Gemini stuff as that may be a more cost effective way to get the detail parts I need for my replica.

Maybe parts like the engine "balls" or such may be a way to go?

I am sure you put a lot of effort into the module and I appreciate the sentiment in trying to pass that effort on to others.




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Has anyone ever converted the eagle toy to model before? I have mine, but it is missing a few pieces and of course needs the seems smoothed in places, but I wondered...


phase pistol

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TB, you mean the big Mattel Eagle toy?

I don't think you can make an accurate model out of that.

Great toy, though... PM me if you want to sell it!

- Karl


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yes thanks going to the local plastics house next week to resupply and then breakout the vaccum table and then re mold weeehhh alot of work but fun

take care


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Last Sunday, I visited Chris Trice. I saw the cockpit he makes. It's a BEAUTY! White Gel coat, looks like it was PAINTED!

This is not to be taken personally, boatbuilder. ;-)

I also saw an Eagle replica he is currently working on and the ORIGINAL second EAGLE owned by Andrew Frampton. Those models are HUUUUGE!!! Can't wait to build one!
Looks like my Slave 1 will be on hold a little longer. :)


edit: construction on the 44" Eagle will start tomorrow. Check out my homepage for some photos at the end of the week!


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Brilliant work Tim, I never would have thought of using carbon fibre, but it is such a logical idea, light but super strong.



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I'd heard through the grapevine that Small Art Works are in the process of putting together various Eagle components expressly with the scratchbuilder in mind. Some parts for a 22" scale model are currently available and they're working on 44" scale components. I believe Chris Trice has mastered some of them with dimensions taken directly from the studio models. Certainly the stuff already on their website looks awesome. Perhaps the combination of these and Tim's carbon fibre frames will make my dreams come true when cash permits?



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Well, that URL was deliberately "hidden" on my site, letting only selected people know about them for the time being as I wasn't really ready to go public with them yet, but now that the genie's been let out of the bottle, go ahead and have a look and let interested parties know, but please do not link to that URL from any other web sites yet, as I'm still keeping these parts "close in" for now, until I can get ready to release them officially and properly. I also want to get better pictures of the individual parts but I've just not had the time...

Anyone interested may order the parts, but please be aware that we're really swamped with work right now and there are currently many orders for other products and buildups that are WAY behind schedule due to the volume of work pouring in (hence the notice on my front page and the news section) and there will be quite a delay before delivery can be made. These parts will be very limited runs for now until I can gauge the demand. If the demand is high enough, I will continue production. Also, keep in mind that if all goes well, many other parts, such as the metal spine etc. may become available if a way can be found to make them economically. We're working on that contingency.

Meanwhile, congrats to those super-sleuths out there! :)