4 day EVA Foam Robin build (Tim Drake)

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    So for the release of Batman Arkham Knight just around the corner I found out that our local Gamestop was holding a costume contest so me and my brother Captain Rogers, decided to enter. So he is doing a Custom Red Hood build and I decide to collide the two best Arkham outfits of Robin into one. So I started by building the chest armor almost exactly the way it is in Arkham Knight, I then built a custom utility belt (not functional unfortunately) I then built the bracers and shins from the Arkham City outfit. Now having only 3 days left I spray painted all of the armor and am pretty much letting it dry until the day of the midnight release.
    SSPX02231.jpg SSPX02241.jpg SSPX02251.jpg SSPX02261.jpg
    So it is kind of difficult to see but I spent a lot of time cutting in a outlining and some details with the exact-0 blade
    SSPX02161.jpg SSPX02151.jpg SSPX02131.jpg
    Utility Belt
    SSPX02181.jpg SSPX02191.jpg
    One on the left are my shin guards, right are my bracers

    Well thats all for now folks!
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    looks great so far.

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    Thanks man!
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    Paint looks great:thumbsup

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    Thanks bro, I really appreciate it, just a bit of an update mask and cape/ hood are finished I have also changed the color of the shin guards and arms to a dark green. Next is to get straps on everything then is the fun part, weathering and battle damage!
    SSPX02271.jpg SSPX02301.jpg SSPX02281.jpg SSPX02331.jpg SSPX02341.jpg
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    Looking really good man! if you dont mind me asking, wheres this contest?

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    Oh thanks, and I live in Livingston County MI, so it is at the local Gamestop
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    So since I am still waiting for spray paint to dry and lose some of its extremely thick smell I figured i would take this time to explain how I made everything. 2 DAYS LEFT!

    This was probably my favorite part to build, I started out with a 5ft long 1'' wide PVC pipe, I thin took 14 rubber hair bands (extremely embarrassing shopping for hair bands lol) and I doubled up each one and placed them about an inch apart until I ran out then on each of the two ends I measured from the bands up about a foot ON EACH SIDE! I then grabbed my trusty hack saw, file and sand paper and went to work! I made the cut then filed it down with my file to get rid of the ultra rigid texture. I then sanded it down to a smooth tip and beveled the edge slightly with some 140 grit sandpaper. Then I found a weird looking plastic piece that I used as his button at the center of his staff. I tried putting ends in but they all looked a little funny (I might add something after the contest). Then It was painting time, I started out with a flat coat of black, let that dry for a good ten minutes and then I put a textured silver paint on there (put a REALLY nice metal grain and silver on it) take note that I only spritzed this on it because I didn't want it to be super silver, I just wanted a good hard steel color.

    I will post a better picture when I am finished!

    The Chest Armor
    For the chest armor I started out looking at some reference from Arkham Knight Robin and I sketched out some templates which regrettably I forget to take pictures of. So I saw that there were four pieces of armor involved in his chest, two upper chest, two abs. So I used my templates and cut them out (I used no relief cuts, just made the details pop more) so I then took all four pieces and shaped them with the heat gun (this was really fun to do because this is when the armor really came to life) Afterwards I freehanded the design with my exact-0 knife and carved away at each piece until I was satisfied! Then I took some strapping and attached the pieces together. Then around the back of the abs I attached strapping with a buckle which went around my back and strapped. I then added two around the shoulders with no buckles that attached to the back. I then PVA'd the armor and sprayed it black, then after ten minutes or so I sprayed it red lightly (letting the black show a little bit through the red making it look a little wore down) I then made the R out of some matt board I had lying around and hand painted it yellow (I still have to attach it)

    The Utility Belt
    With my time and material restraints I had to improvise a bit. I started with two strips of foam which collectively fit around my waist. I then cut out the first layer of the buckle out of foam and added a slightly smaller piece of matt board and then a smaller yet square piece of matt board. For the pouches I took to two rounded rulers and I knew I wanted eight pouches so each was three inches long. I spread them out by approximately an inch, I glued it all together added two halves of the buckle on opposite sides. I then PVA'd it and sprayed it black, waited for it to completely dry and then hand pained the whole thing yellow (lack of yellow spray paint) and then spritzed some yellow on.

    Bracers and Boots
    I started out by cutting two layers for each bracer (one layer is slightly smaller) and glued them together on top of each other, at the end of the top layer I cut out a small square ring keep the actual square and glue in the empty space, this should leave a slight gap. Then add straps and paint textured silver then a dark green. Then for the Boots I cut out one square piece of foam round the edges cut down the middle and add a piece in the middle leave an inch gap, added straps then sprayed textured silver then dark green.

    Everything else
    For the shirt I used a long sleeve black compression shirt. For the mask I sprayed one of my older masks that I had made and sprayed it black. For the cape I used a cape with a hood that my Grandma had helped me with a few years back (had to make some adjustments to the hood). For the pants I am using a pair of black pants that I made for my Mortal Kombat X Scorpion outfit. And for the gloves I used yellow kickboxing gloves that looked good with everything else

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