3D printing sources other than Shapeways?

Richard Baker

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I just bought some Aries 1B figures from them and they're nice.
Are they Tony's (308 Bits)?- I have been looking at those and wonder how they look in person.

Regarding other sources- Shapeways is the only source I know of for just about every subject and scale. A lot of garage kit/alternative accessories companies have their own printers so searching for a particular part or accessory may work better...

Hunk a Junk

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Are they Tony's (308 Bits)?- I have been looking at those and wonder how they look in person.

They look similar, but appear slightly modified from the same mesh. Slightly different poses. On CG trader you get 6 figures as a set instead of individuals. I printed up a test of the CG Trader figures and they'll work fine in the model, but I'm in the process of modifying mine in Meshmixer to be more accurate and look a little more human. I started with one of the flight attendants. At 1:48 scale some of the details won't show, but Im doing a test print now.
Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 11.56.03 AM.png


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Are you looking for a printing service, or places to get the source files to print yourself?

As for printing services, there may be a few "print for hire" smaller operations, but not sure of anything that large commercially

There are lots of ETSY sellers who will sell 3-D printed stuff that they created, but not sure of any who might do custom work done by someone else

One option is someone like .JPG Productions who I believe will do custom print work

What is it you are looking for?


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I have had a few parts (of my design) printed by i.materialize.com, and I have been happy with the results. This service does not have a huge selection of pre-modeled parts for you to choose among and have printed; the major focus of the service is for people who create (or otherwise obtain) 3D models to upload them and have them printed (in a wide range of materials).


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If you are looking for models, as stated Etsy has quite a bit, BigBangCollectibles and Jeffs3DCreations does great stuff. For printing, I have had very good experience with Corellia Creations and industrial3dsla which have been great to get models printed cleaner than I would on my own printers.


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I've had pretty decent luck ordering 3D prints via treatstock.com - it's a site for ordering from numerous independent 3D print shops. Prices (and quality) are all over the place, so check the reviews and the printers they have, but you can get good quality at a good price with the right vendor.

I used to order things from Shapeways, but they become so ungodly expensive that I'd consider them only as a last resort these days.


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My advice is to find someone in your local buy-and-sell website that does 3d printing. In our city there are several guys who do CNC metal and wood, as well as several others that do 3d printing at a significantly lower price than you can find online. With a face to face meeting you're more likely to get what you want, or at least find out what you can expect to get for your money.

You're not paying a lot of overhead with some kid operating out of his parents basement, rather than someone online and you're probably not paying high costs in shipping.

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