3D Printed AT-AT

I've looked high and low for 3D print models of an AT-AT. Even though there are some nice ones out there, all of them get the head wrong. Usually no subtle curves...everything is a hard angle.

Just saw our very own Adam Savage's new video on an AT-AT garage kit:

I REALLY want this one!! Anyone have any idea where this one came from?
I have the AT-ATRon, but would love to get this one as well!
This is the Merlin Models kit I referenced above.

I’ve just bought one, they’re on sale. From $1300 down to $1100 plus further $50 off if you pay in full, plus if you use a coupon you can get a free unique set of Star Wars playing cards if you buy the Walker kit or any other kit, does not apply to 3Dstl files or small items.

code: walkerfbgroup

apply code in cart when paying. Only 10 Walker kits left. 15 sold in 48 hours.
Bandai ones are excellent in detail even for their small scale.

269A1109 by Oscar Baez Soria, on Flickr

269A1117 by Oscar Baez Soria, on Flickr

269A1119 by Oscar Baez Soria, on Flickr

269A1121 by Oscar Baez Soria, on Flickr

269A1113 by Oscar Baez Soria, on Flickr
The Bandai kits look incredible. I've collected diverse ships in mainly two scales: 72nd and 48th to make dios. I'm always open to better or new ATAT kits.

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